Funfair of Jabalpur

26.2 13 Jul 2024

  • Witness river Narmada dive from 98 ft. to create Dhuandhar waterfall
  • Dunna nature park is one of the biggest nature parks with an area of 1500 hectares
  • Experience the magical illusion by nature at balancing rock
  • Visit the point where Mahatma Gandhi's ashes were immersed at Tilwara Ghat

Funfair of Jabalpur

According to the most popular legend, the meaning of the name "Jabalpur" is said to have been named after the sage Jabali, who is thought to have meditated on the banks of the Narmada. In Arabic, Jabal refers to a rocky landscape.

About 9.6 km from the Narmada river, in a rocky basin surrounded by low hills, is where Jabalpur is located. It is a welcoming city with a blend of culture, river ghats, wide highways, and a quaint surrounding. It is roughly 22 kilometres from the Narmada Gorge in Bhedaghat, where the river flows between the renowned Marble rock hill. Here are some of the most visited and famous places in Jabalpur that should be on your list while visiting the heart of India.


Here are some of the most visited and famous places in Jabalpur that should be on your list while visiting the heart of India.

Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat

The sacred Banganga-Narmada confluence is located in the small village of Bhedaghat. The name Bhedaghat comes from the word "bheda" which the local people associate with the existence of sangam (confluence).

For many years, the location served as a sacred site for various rites. It was formerly called Bhairava ghati and served as a tantrik peeth. According to legend, this is where the well-known sage Bhrigu spent many years worshipping Lord Shiva.

The Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat soar high in sparkling splendor, rising to 100 feet on both sides of the river Narmada. The bright whiteness occasionally has pink, blue, and azure veins running across it. The river here flows silently between the tall cliffs of magnesium limestone, which the Imperial Gazetteer refers to as "the tortuous gorge of white marble." The natural beauty of this place can move anyone with the serene views, sun gleaming on the marble-white pinnacles and its dappled shadows on the clear waters.

Chausath Yogini Temple

The Chausath Yogini Temple is built on the hilltop and is approached by a wide flight of steps formed from the remains that were here before the Yogini Temple was built.

The temple is a circular building partially open to the sky, with eighty-one peripheral chapels housing images of the sixty-four yoginis and other deities. It was constructed by the Kalachuri king Yuvarajadeva I in the 10th century.

A tall, circular wall encircles the temple which emphasizes its grandeur making it one of the most visited tourist places in Jabalpur. It is the largest yogini temple in India, with an exterior circumference of 41m.

Balancing Rock Formation

The Balancing Rock formations in Jabalpur are essentially eroded from volcanic rock formations and have also withstood earthquakes of a Richter scale magnitude of up to 6.5. As per locals, nothing can disturb the equilibrium of these rocks. The area is surrounded by picturesque hillocks and makes great natural retreat for visitors. The rocks lie very close to the Madan Mahal Fort in Deotal. It is a popular selfie point among the tourists with backgrounds of these interesting rock formations.

Madan Mahal

On top of a hill, Madan Mahal or Rani Durgavati Fort served as one of the military strongholds till the 11th century. This fort has a significant architecture and is often visited by local tourists. You should make this one of your stops while exploring Jabalpur and take your time admiring the magnificent architecture.

Kachnar City Shiva Temple

One of the tallest statues of Lord Shiva, this temple has made Kachnar City a popular tourist and religious destination. The statue is 23 metres (76 feet) tall and sits on top of a cavern housing replicas of Shiva Lingams, or "Jyotirlingas." The 12 Jyotirlinga can be found in the caverns below Lord Shiva's statue. Regular ritual of evening Aarti is performed before the statue, however one should not miss to visit the place during Makar Sankranti.

Dumna Nature Park

Dumna Nature Reserve Park is a place to get in the lap of nature in Jabalpur. The Khandari Dam, located 10 km from Jabalpur, is close to the nature reserve, and spreads over an area of 1058 hectares.

Travellers adore spending time in the area to see wild creatures in their natural surroundings. Dumna National Reserve Park continues to flourish throughout the year, but you can preferably visit during monsoon season to witness lush green surroundings.

Waterfalls near Jabalpur 

Dhuandhar Fall

The word "Dhuandhar" means stream of smoke. Here, the Narmada River departs its broad course and plunges spectacularly into the valley below, dropping from a height of 30 feet (9 metres). The name, "Dhuandhar," derives from the strength of the plummet, which causes water droplets to ascend in a concentrated mass that gives the appearance of smoke or vapour.

The amount of water is such that it gushes down with a roar even in winter when monsoons have passed. The best viewpoint is from the three lookouts constructed just atop the falls. It's an experience unlike any other to be standing next to the falls, seeing the water pour down, and hearing it roar. You can drive up to the falls or descend from the closest bridge. A ropeway to the falls has been built, offering a magnificent view from the top making it one of the best waterfalls near Jabalpur.

Bhadbhada Waterfalls

A stunning place, Bhadbhada Waterfall is located in Jamtara hamlet, 17 km east of Jabalpur. Reaching the waterfall typically takes 43 minutes and it is also quite close to Bhopal. It is a wonderful location for photography and cinematography. It is a popular tourist destination and has beautiful scenery.

You can plan your stay at Kalchuri Residency   (Contact: 0761 - 2678491/92). The fall is situated at a distance of approximately 10 km from the hotel, which can be reached with a rented can from the property itself.

Nidan Falls

The Nidan waterfall trickles down on the rocks from a high altitude and it is located 30 km from Jabalpur. The waterfall is a beautiful sight to behold because of the way the rocks are naturally arranged to obstruct the water's harsh flow. You can walk to the falls, which are about a km from the main road. Although it is excellent year-round, the monsoon season offers the most beautiful scenery (July to September). It is approx. 43 km away from Kalchuri Residency and can be reached within an hour.

Ghughra Fall

The Ghughra falls is situated on the banks of the River Narmada, almost 17 km from Jabalpur city. The waterfall is situated in shallow water, and the water gushes through the rocks while flowing quickly. As the water gathers in a central area, the waterfall's shape becomes slightly arched inside, giving the water's flow an attractive look.

There are many offbeat places in and around Jabalpur to explore. Here are some of them.

Places to visit near Jabalpur

Bargi Dam

The Bargi Dam is the first-ever multipurpose project across the Narmada, and is located close to Bijora hamlet, about 40 km southwest of Jabalpur city. The Narmada Dam Project, which plans to build 30 sizable hydroelectric dams on the river, includes this dam which is a popular destination around Jabalpur. The most popular attraction of this place is the Cruise ride. Usually, the ride is for 45 minutes however, there is also an option of a six-hour cruise to Mandla.

Mandla Fort

Mandla, located 95 km south of Jabalpur, is often visited for its fort. The Mandla Fort was constructed in the late 17th century and in a loop of river Narmada in such a way that it is surrounded by water from three sides and a ditch on the fourth. Some of the fort's towers are still standing, however, it is currently blending into the jungle. Numerous temples are scattered along the riverbed of the Narmada nearby.

National Park of Fossils

The National Park of Fossils is located in the Dindori district, 85 km from Jabalpur. The Madhya Pradesh government established it in 1983 for the purpose of displaying and preserving the fossils, which were found in remains of several prehistoric species discovered in the state's numerous excavations. Despite its small size, the park is covered in floral fossils that date from roughly 40 to 150 million years ago making it an interesting place to visit near Jabalpur. These fossils are scattered across the park's seven villages in the Mandla District (Ghuguwa, Umaria, Deorakhurd, Barbaspur, Chanti-hills, Chargaon and Deori Kohani).

Best time to visit Jabalpur 

The city can be toured throughout the year, however, the best time to visit Jabalpur is during the monsoon season. Between July and September, the water cascading from the hills in and around Jabalpur will mesmerize you with its natural beauty.

How to reach Jabalpur?

By Air

The closest airport, Dumna Airport, is located 20 kilometres away from Jabalpur city. Through air travel, Jabalpur is well-connected to Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Nagpur, Bhopal, and Indore.

By Rail

Jabalpur Railway Station is a significant West Central Railway station. The DRM and General Manager Office is situated in Jabalpur. Jabalpur is easily accessible by rail from several major cities of the country.

Via Road

Jabalpur has excellent road connectivity. Jabalpur is located along National Highway 7 which is well-connected to many major state and national highways.

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Coffee at Indian Coffee House

While it's Signature Coffee is to die for, the sumptuous food make it the obvious choice.

Street Food at Sarafa Bazaar

Loaded with havelis and jwellery shops, Sarafa bazar flourishes in dark where people feast on street food.

Street food at Chatori Gali

Who doesn't love filling the belly with some really tempting street food options. Head to Chatori Gali when in Jabalpur.

Ghamandi Lassi

Lassi is not just amazing in taste but it also comes with several health benefits. Don't forget to gulp on a glass of Ghamandi Lassi that you will get on any street side shop in Jabalpur.

Soapstone Artefacts

Your shopping in Jabalpur is incomplete if you don't buy yourself the beautiful Marble artefacts. One can see lamp shades of various shapes and sizes, god's idol, miniature house etc.

Best Places to visit

Balancing Rock

Bargi dam

Chausat Yogini Temple

Dhuandhar Falls

Dumna Nature Park

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View All Places Of Interest



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