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Katni Stone Art Festival

Planning to land in Madhya Pradesh? Then, Adharshila has to be there on your bucket list. A place of enchantment giving out oodles of crystalline vibes. But before we head out to Adharshila, let us throw some light on what it is all about.

Known for the well-loved Katni Stone Art Festival, Adharshila is your go-to destination for marble stones. Well, the Katni region is very famous for its beige-colored marble. Dolomitic yet highly crystalline, Katni marble is high in demand for personal and commercial spaces. Katni Range is also known for its maroon-colored marble stones. And this festival is one single destination where you come across umpteen types of stone and marble art that depict the culture and heritage of India. Katni Stone Art Festival is an initiative to promote the Katni stones as a product under the government of India's One District One Product (ODOP) scheme.

Not only the variety of stones, but you can also meet renowned artists and get a better understanding of how their art revolutionizes cultural and social reforms. This 20-day stone art festival, organised by the district administration ropes in stone artists from all parts of the country. Katni Stone Art Festival was started with the sole aim of marketing and branding Katni stones.

Enjoy a rendezvous with some deep-precious sculptures, malleable marble stones, and metal scraps. Carved by artists of fame, one can witness sculptures of international repute. Each sculpture narrates its own story and depicts the advanced thinking of the curator. These artists gain their incitement from nature, historical occurrence, cultural reforms, and sensitive issues happening in the world.

Stone Waste Workshop

As the name suggests, Stone Waste Workshop by Adharshila aims to manage stone wastes. This high octane event attracts a good number of eyes. Through gainful utilisation of stone wastes and slurry, the locals are educated about how the waste generated from the industries can be brought into other use.

Dastan and Classical Music Performances

Being the heart of Incredible India, Madhya Pradesh is blessed with cultures from different states. It has blessed Madhya Pradesh with different legends in the history of literature and music. A glimpse of this rich heritage can be seen during the Katni Stone Art Festival.

Katni district is located in the Northeastern part of Madhya Pradesh which forms the northern district of Jabalpur commissionerate division. It is a conglomeration of cultures from three different states - Mahakausal, Bundelkhand, and Baghelkhand. Katni is also called the 'City of Lime', for its richness and quality in limestone. It comprises three rivers- the Chhoti Mahanadi, Umdar, and the Katni river, thus making Katni the best place for stone art festivals.

If you are in search of making some rock-solid memories, then Katni Stone Art Festival should be on your checklist.