Sublime Mandsaur

26.9 13 Jul 2024

  • Mandsaur is believed to be the home town of Mandodari, wife of Ravana.
  • Known for its treasure of archaeological sites
  • The famous Pashupatinath Temple attracts devotees in huge numbers every year

Sublime Mandsaur

Believed to be in existence since the time of Mahabharata, Mandsaur has connection with Ramayana as well. It is believed to be the home town of Mandodari, wife of Ravana.

Mandsaur is the result of the merger of two villages - Marh and Saur (or Dasaur). It has been ruled by a lot of prominent rulers of ancient as well as recent history.

A remarkable place to see in Mandsaur is the Pashupatinath Temple. On the bank of river Shivna, sits this grand Shiva temple which is famous for the 8 faced Pashupati Shiva Idol. The spiritual aura of the temple embraces the whole town. A small Hanuman temple and a shrine dedicated to Janaki Nath are also a part of the Pashupatinath Temple complex.

What also makes Mandsaur special is its treasure of archaeological sites. Situated in the outskirts of Mandsaur, the remains of Laduna Palace, Sitamau Place, Dashapura Fort, Sondhni pillars in the village of Sondhni, Dharamarajeshwar, Brahmanical rock cut temple, Buddhist caves, Yashodharman Pillar, and prehistoric painted rock shelters narrates the tales of glorious history.

A visit to Yashodharman Archeological Museum will be a bonus as it has curated magnificent sculptures from Hinglajgarh FortSome more places to see in and around Mandsaur are Mandsaur Fort, Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary, Telia Talab.

With passing years this town is known for its historic importance and emerging opium & slate pencil industry. Rich in history, the holy town of Mandsaur will give you the stories to tell from one generation to another

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Best Places to visit

Buddhist Caves

Chaturbhuj Nala

Dharmarajeshwar Temple

Gandhi Sagar Dam

Pashupatinath Temple

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