Mandsaur & Vidisha: Towns in MP where Ravana is Worshipped




Dussehra in India is celebrated as the day when Lord Rama defeated Ravana. It is the time when believers burn the effigy of Ravana symbolising the victory of good over evil. While people across the country are busy celebrating the triumph of Lord Rama, in the cities of Mandsaur and Vidisha, Ravana is revered rather than burned.

It is believed that Mandsaur is the home town of Ravana's wife Mandodari. Since she is considered the daughter of the town, Ravana is respected as the son-in-law. This is the reason Ravana is not burned in the town but is paid tribute by the locals as they turn off the lights of their houses for a few minutes.

A 35-feet tall statue of Ravana is installed in the Khanpur vicinity of Mandsaur. People worship him just like any other God. He is respected for his knowledge of all the Vedas and devotion towards Shiva.

Interestingly, according to one of the Indian traditions, married women cover their heads in front of their in-laws. Since the city considers Ravana as its son-in-law, women cover their head while passing or praying at the giant statue.

Just like Mandsaur, there is another village named Ravanagram in Vidisha district where Ravana is worshipped. The temple here houses a 10 - foot statue of Ravana which is visited by devotees during the weddings and festive occasions.

It is interesting to see that people of Mandsaur and Vidisha remember the demon king for good in him. Just like these two towns, there are numerous other hidden gems in Madhya Pradesh that are full of surprises waiting to be discovered.