Pristine Tamia

13.4 13 Jun 2024

  • Tamia has many old and well-maintained houses from the British era at some of the best spots and cliff edges
  • Looking down from the top of the valley at Patalkot, the place takes the shape of a Horse Shoe
  • The Government Postal Bungalow in Tamia is situated at a height of 3,765 feet (1,148 m) above mean sea level and surrounded by dense forests
  • The hills of Tamia offer breath-taking scenes of sunrises and sunsets

Pristine Tamia

One of the hidden treasures of Madhya Pradesh, Tamia hill station is a picturesque destination that offers scenic and breathtaking views of dense forests and mountains. Tamia is the perfect location to disconnect from the world as its untouched and unexplored terrain lets the tourists experience absolute tranquillity. Perched on a mountaintop, Tamia provides stunning views of the horseshoe-shaped Patalkot Valley as well as the thick forests that surround it. These forests are home to certain medicinal plants and rocks that date back 2500 million years. 

Inaccessible for a very long time, Tamia makes for the perfect monsoon getaway where one can experience the forests depicted in their childhood! Also, the place has many old and well-maintained houses exhibiting architecture of the British Era that are located at some of the best spots and cliff edges. 

Tamia waterfalls 

During monsoon, a froth of water cascades down forming the Tamia waterfall which is visited by many tourists. Therefore, if you're thinking about taking a vacation in Madhya Pradesh, going to Tamia would allow you to connect with nature without any disturbances. 

Pench Tiger Reserve 

Almost 100 km from Tamia, Pench Tiger Reserve is the most liked excursion from this beautiful destination. A magnificent expanse in MP, Pench Tiger Reserve is a tiger territory but also houses a dense population of chital, gaur (Indian Bison), leopard, small Indian civet, sambhar, chinkara, barking deer, porcupine and migratory birds such as osprey, Malabar pied hornbill and Indian pitta. Rudyard Kipling's Mowgli adventure and his battle with the furious Sher Khan was also based on the captivating landscape of Pench Tiger Reserve. 

Pench Tiger Reserve is situated on the road between Nagpur and Jabalpur. The park can be reached from Seoni, which is well connected to other important cities of Madhya Pradesh, via buses and taxis. It takes about two hours and twenty minutes to drive from Seoni to Pench. The nearest railhead is Seoni which is around 30 km from Pench National Park.

Sonegaon airport in Nagpur, which is 93 km away, is the closest airport to Pench National Park. 

Best time to visit Tamia 

Tamia is a serene place that can be visited throughout the year. With green foliage spread across the valley, it gives you the feel of a hill station. But to get the most out of your trip, consider planning a vacation in Tamia during the monsoon season i.e., between June and September. 

Things to do in Tamia

People often enjoy family picnics near Tamia Waterfall as it allows a peaceful setback away from the city chaos.

The hilltop is also a good option for short treks but it is advisable to take a guide with you so that they can recommend the safe path and share local folklore with you!

How to reach Tamia?

By Air: The nearest airport to Tamia is Nagpur city, which is located at a distance of 185 km. The airport is well-connected to the other major cities in the country. 

By Train: The nearest station is the Nagpur Railway Station which is at a distance of 178 km away from Nagpur. 

By Road: Reaching Tamia by road is convenient from all the cities of Madhya Pradesh. Get a bus or taxi service from Bhopal, Nagpur, Jabalpur, Chhindwara, and Pipariya that would take you straight to Tamia.

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Patalkot Valley

Patalkot Valley

Patalkot Valley

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