Spectacular Places to visit near Jabalpur



Places to visit near Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Jabalpur is an ancient city of Madhya Pradesh, home to pleasure resorts, beautiful destinations, historical grandeurs, rich culture, wildlife parks, hills, and holy Narmada. From the modern culture of snooker to the embellishing rituals of aartis at Narmada ghats, Jabalpur has offered a little something to every tourist. 

While the water of Narmada gushing through the valleys of marble creates a magnificent look for the visitors, there are gems of places that surround Jabalpur and can be conveniently visited. Due to their proximity, these places are also great weekend getaways for tourists.  

Places to visit near Jabalpur

Bargi Hills

How does a trek to rocky terrain sound for the weekend? 

An area adorned by water bodies, valleys, and ridges, Bargi hills is a perfect place to spend a weekend away from the hustle of the city.

The beautiful views from the hilltops make it a popular spot among tourists and photographers. Madan mahal and Thakur taal are some of the most visited places in Bargi Hills. 

Famous places - Khandari lake, Madan Mahal, Thakur Taal, and Sharda Mandir. 

Distance from Jabalpur - 14 km

Location - Bargi hills, Madhya Pradesh

Nidan Falls

Due to the geographical location of Jabalpur, it is surrounded by several nature escapes serving as perfect getaway options. One of the hidden gems, Nidan falls ensures a peaceful environment for the tourists and ensures a mesmerising memory for them. 

Watch the water cascade down 100 feet from a cliff, click some photographs with the waterfall in the background, and have a refreshing experience.

Distance from Jabalpur - 30 km

Location - Katangi village, Madhya Pradesh


"Flow like water and you will find your way through any rock', this famous quote by Roger Lee comes to life when you float through the streams of Bhedaghat. These massive rock formations are an ideal destination for a weekend getaway. Tourists who are into adventure, nature, spirituality, or want to enjoy some relaxation vibes, can visit Bedhaghat and experience its offerings. 

These spellbinding views of Bhedaghat or Marble rocks are just a drive away from Jabalpur and if you walk down the line, you are met with a smoke cascade of Dhuandhar falls.  

Famous places - Marble Rocks, Narmada River, Hindu Temples, Dhuandhar Falls, and Adventure Activities

Distance from Jabalpur - 30 km

Location - Bhedaghat town, Jabalpur

Dhuandhar Falls

Cascading from a height of 30 m, Dhuandhar falls are the most visited destination near Jabalpur. It is said that the plunges are so powerful that the uproar can be heard from a far-off distance and once you reach the destination, tiny droplets of water create a screen of smoke for the tourists. To deliver proper views to the tourists, platforms on either side have been constructed. 

Things to do - Boat ride, cable car, picnic, and souvenir shopping

Distance from Jabalpur - 30 km

Location - Bhedaghar town, Jabalpur 

Pisanhari ki Madiya

Located just 8 km from Jabalpur, amidst the lush greenery, Pisanhari ki madiya is a Jain pilgrimage destination revered by the Digambara sect of Jainism. The place is at least 500 years old and can be reached by climbing a flight of 150 steps.  

Distance from Jabalpur - 15 km

Location - Medical Garha, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

Bargi Dam 

We understand that the dams can be a very cliche destination to visit, but a man-made marvel constructed on river Narmada can serve more than one purpose. Besides irrigation and power generation, the backwaters of Bargi dam are a perfect location for boating and other water activities. 

Distance from Jabalpur - 25 km

Location - Bargi, Madhya Pradesh

Tilwara Ghat

Tilwara is one of the most important ghats in Jabalpur. It holds a major historical significance and the temples located on the banks are famous attraction points for tourists. It is also the place where the mortal remains of Mahatma Gandhi were immersed after death and the venue of an open session of Tripuri congress in 1939. 

Distance from Jabalpur - 20 km

Location - Tilwara Ghat is located near Jabalpur

Gwari Ghat 

Gwari ghat is a quaint town near Jabalpur famous for hosting the beautiful aarti attracting numerous pilgrims from all over the world. One can take part in the aarti by sitting on the cemented steps on the ghat and once the aarti concludes, pilgrims can participate in the act of deep daan by floating the diyas in the river. The destination is also famous for Sai Dham or Sai Baba Ashram.  

Distance from Jabalpur - 10 km 

Location - Gwarighat, Jabalpur 


If you are looking for a place to make your weekend enriched with wildlife, forts, and temples, Mandla is the best option of all. With its ancient ruins and geological formations in the fossil park, it is a perfect treat with a fun-filled weekend. You can also wander around the places it holds within its ambit. It is located at a distance of 130 km from Jabalpur and is a perfect destination to spend some time with your friends and family. 

Famous places - Mandla fort, Begum Mahal, Garam Pani kund, and river ghats.

Distance from Jabalpur - 130 km.

Location - Mandla, Madhya Pradesh

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