Jabalpur - Soak in divinity at Kachnar City Shiv temple




Cradled on the banks of river Narmada, Jabalpur stands among the prominent cities of central India. Right from the mesmerizing beauty of marble rocks to a glimpse of history at the popular Rani Durgavati Museum, Jabalpur turns out to be your go-to destination for your weekends. You certainly have a potpourri of things to do in Jabalpur and the city will not disappoint you for all the peace you wish to experience away from the hustle bustle of your routine life

One such scenic spot not to be missed in this beautiful city is the skyrocketing idol of Lord Shiva (around 76 feet tall) at Kachnar City. The giant idol installed under the open sky adds grace to the beauty of this marble city and is thronged by a large number of devotees on various auspicious occasions. This gigantic statue of Lord Shiva is truly a sight to behold. It is built over a cavern that houses the replicas of shivalingam from holy shrines of Lord Shiva across the country.

One of the truly fascinating factors about this tourist attraction is that the moment you enter Kachnar city premises you are greeted with a calm environment. With lush green surroundings and well-maintained premises, you not just soak yourself in divinity but you literally feel the spiritual aura.

The best time to visit here is around 7 pm as you get to attend the divine aarti that takes place every day. The mesmerizing aarti will literally give you goosebumps as the atmosphere reverberates with the melodious tunes worshipping Lord Shiva and a sense of positivity is spread around.

So, when in Jabalpur all you can do is to plan your day in a way that you leave for sightseeing at around 10 am as the shops and other tourist points open up by this time and the city awakes. But make sure that you unwind your day at Kachnar city- Lord Shiva temple to again wake up the next morning with full of positive energy within you!

How you can commute to the location-

Jabalpur has good availability of public transports. Either you book a cab or you can even check with one of the public transports. Either one will directly take you to this point.

Location: It falls in Vijay Nagar area of Kachnar city Jabalpur.