Discover Thadipathar: Your Ultimate Guide to Rural Tourism in Madhya Pradesh


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Thadipathar - Madhya Pradesh Tourism

The astonishing natural beauty and lush green forest of Saal welcomes you in the forest village Thadipathar. The clean and fresh air, organic food produce, with rural tribal lifestyle makes your travel and stay extraordinary. The extra miles to experience the organic food, fresh air, water, forest of saal & bamboo with the tribal lifestyle is worth the effort. The periphery is covered with the forest and there are two rivers flowing near it i.e. Gopad & Mahan, which shows the proper conservation and management of natural resources. The Sanjay Dubri sanctuary and the Charka Pani waterfall are just 2 kms away from the village.

Gond & Baiga tribe living in the village is expert in the identification and usage of the medicinal plants.

Community in the Thadipathar village is living sustainable lifestyle. They worship nature, wear organic clothes, grow and eat natural food which provides the essence of rural tourism. 

The art & craft like cap made of peacock feather & bamboo is available with live demonstration. Music and dance are part of their regular life style as an evening entrainment. The local families prepare the local cuisines for the guests. The regular market is organized in nearby village to sell all different items like lamps, musical instruments produced by forest. 

The houses are made of the mud, stone and cow dung. The organization Biome have supported in the eco- friendly homestay structure. The homes are comparatively cooler than concrete homes, air conditioner is not required. The water management strategies are taking place within the community. The special feature of the homestay is they serve food, water in the tamba vessel which has health benefits. 

Accessibility: 20 - 25 kms from Marwas

Accommodation: 5-6 Hoemstays available in the village