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Homestays in Madhya Pradesh

Imagine waking up to the sweet melody of birds as they greet the bright dawn breaking over the dense foliage of trees. Imagine enjoying the company of flitting butterflies as a home-cooked breakfast is served fresh off the wood-fired oven. Imagine a day spent exploring unknown and serene corners of a forest and then unwinding by fire as cosy conversations flow. Imagine living in a home in the forests of Madhya Pradesh.

While it may be fantastical, the forests of Madhya Pradesh, at the heart of Incredible India, are surrounded by homestays, which offer familiarity and comfort along with traditional hospitality and a taste of local culture.

While wildlife safaris are the focal point of any trip to the wild landscapes of Madhya Pradesh, a homestay experience will add many more colours to your vacation. Enjoy rural tourism, learn about the local culture, taste delicious cuisines, and get regaled by forest tales. Registered under the state homestay scheme, these homestays provide a sense of comfort and ensure the safety of tourists. And if you are in luck, the homestay owner may agree to take you along while on a forest walk, taking you down undiscovered paths!

In this blog, we are sharing a few homestays located near Kanha National Park, Pench National Park, Panna National Park, and Satpura National Park.  

Kanha National Park

A place where the tiger reigns supreme, the Kanha national park is a natural splendour stretched over 940 sq km. It is an ideal place to spot some of the majestic creatures of Indian wildlife that include Royal Bengal tigers, Barasingha, Sambar, spotted deer, Gaur (Indian bison), and Red headed vulture. While the National park offers a mesmerising experience, the homestays in this area also ensure a thrilling vacation for travelers. Few homestays near the area - 

Dak Bunglow

A pet-friendly property, nestled amidst the wilderness of Kanha National park. It is the perfect location to rejuvenate your soul and satiate your taste buds with excellent meals cooked by the owner of the homestay. After an amusing safari, you can also recollect your favourite moments while enjoying a cup of coffee on the porch of this property. 

Surwahi Social

Spread across a 10-acre campus, this is a perfect place to spend some quality time with your family. Friendly staff, a bonfire, and a play zone for kids built from upcycled material are some of the prime features of this property. A river also flows nearby this property and offers picturesque views to visitors. 

Panna National Park

Panna National Park is a breathtakingly beautiful natural reserve with the presence of Ken river, flowing through the park and creating stunning gorges. The park is home to an incredible diversity of wildlife, including the sloth bear, seven species of vulture, and the majestic gharial, a rare  crocodilian species found only in the Indian subcontinent. A true gem of natural beauty, Panna offers a glimpse into the incredible diversity of life that can be found in the heart of India. Homestays in this area - 

Ramabai Homestay

Located in Madla village, the Ramabai homestay is one of the best properties to experience the local culture in and around Panna. With a rustic feel, homely environment and 'chulah' (earthen stove) made food, it connects you to rural Madhya Pradesh. You can also visit the nearby souvenir centres and meet the locals. 

Sparrow Homestay

The Sparrow Homestay is the most quaint way to explore the unknown stories of Panna National park. The owner is the guide of the national park and sharing his experience and interesting stories of safaris with the guests is his way of ensuring an adventurous trip for tourists. Discover the secret of Panna. 

Pench National Park

Nestled in the southern slopes of the Satpura range, the Pench National Park brings the jungle book to life. Commonly known as Kipling's country, it is the best location to spot the elusive black leopard. Homestays in this area - 

Pench Farmstay 

Located in the Turiya village of Madhya Pradesh, the Pench farmstay is the perfect spot to unwind near Pench National park. Being located on the edge of the jungle, it is a perfect place to log out from your hassles and log in to the calmness of nature.

Palash Villa

Go for long walks along nature trails, make a trip to nearby villages, go bird watching, and camping... all this and more are on offer at Palash Villa. It can also turn out to be the best place to spend some time with your family. 

Satpura National Park 

Located in Central India, Satpura is among the priceless gems of the heart of Incredible India. It is known for its unique environment and diverse biodiversity. Compared to other National parks, the combination of a vehicle safari, boat safari, and walking safari marks it special in the heart of India. Homestays in this area -

Mango leaf farmstay

Mango Leaf is a perfect location to plan a trekking trip to explore the untouched locations of Pachmarhi. Since it is near the Matkuli gate of Satpura Tiger Reserve, wildlife safaris from this farmstay are very easy to plan and the owners are always ready to assist you. 

Moustache Panarpani Retreat Farmstay 

For a peaceful and comfortable stay, while enjoying the high-end amenities in the middle of nature, this farmstay is the best option you can choose. This farmstay offers a jungle experience to the guests and the mouth-watering dishes are known to satisfy your taste buds.

Working towards the initiative of Responsible Tourism, Madhya Pradesh has always supported the farmstays, gramstays, and homestays to reinforce the economic source of the owners and generate a responsible sense of awareness among the tourists.

While there are several other options that tourists can choose and explore, these are some of the best farmstay and homestay properties located near the National Parks of Madhya Pradesh.

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