Khokara: Explore Authentic Rural Tourism in Madhya Pradesh


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Khokara - Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Khokara village is situated in the lush green forest. It is surrounded by the mountains and carven and that's the reason the name of village is 'Khokara which means surrounded by deep caves. The culture, tradition, lifestyle of the tribes along with the concept of the Sustainable living and Responsible tourism is the wonderful experience for the tourist. The big caves surrounding the villages, a dam nearby and the mountains in the periphery of the village is gift of nature for the village. The scenic beauty is breath taking. The Sanjay Dubri sanctuary is another famous attraction is nearby. The periphery is covered with the forest and there are two rivers flowing near it, which shows the proper conservation management of natural resources.  The clean and fresh air, organic food produce, with rural tribal lifestyle makes your visit calm and soothing. The nearest railway station is in Mawas

Gond & Baiga tribe living in the village is expert in the identification and usage of the medicinal plants. The natural and adventure activities like fishing, boating, arranging picnic at the waterfall are organised by community for the tourist. The art & craft of the village is exclusive like caps which are made of peacock feather and bamboo by the local artists.

The sustainable eco-friendly houses in the village are mostly made of the raw materials which are locally available. The paints on the walls of the houses are also organic. The Rural Tourism concept has major components such as convenient stay, local excursion, food, skill, art and craft with the women safety. The village have comfortable homestays to stay which are managed by the women of the family includes local cuisines. 

Accessibility: 20 - 25 kms from Marwas

Accommodation: 5-6 homestays available in the village