Madla: Immerse Yourself in Authentic Rural Tourism Near Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh


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Madla Rural Tourism - Madhya Pradesh

The natural scenic beauty with the river, mountains and forest within just one km of the area, Madla is a rare village in India to have all the three natural geography features in a kilometre. The Asia's cleanest river Karnawati (Ken) flows through the village. The community awareness for the natural resources is incredible. Madla is just 10 kms away from the Pandava Falls and Caves which is near to the Panna National Park and Khajuraho - the UNESCO site is just 19 kilometres. Some intangible heritage of the village includes folk music & dance, local festivals and Bundelkhand cuisine. The architecture of the houses is still has the essence of the village. The paintings on the walls of the houses show the local culture and art of village.

The traditional art special emphasis is on the stitching and manufacturing of the local souvenir. The traditional games are still played in the homestays to provide the essence of local community to tourist. The local excursion is provided through nature walks, cycle rides, and village tours. There various activities like cooking the local food, learning about the art & craft which also has a demonstration and training session for the guest. One can also purchase masala, pickle, badi, papad and chips from the village. There is a training cu, production centre, established by MPTB in which community is learning and producing souvenir under the guidance of Pasho Pakshi.

Hence the village gives experience of Rural tourism, Wildlife tourism and heritage tourism altogether, hence it's a unique destination for tourism.

Accessibility: 20 kms from Khajuraho

Accommodation: 5-6 Homestays available in the village