Patangarh's Gond Paintings - Unique Style, Unique Art


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Where words and songs dance on canvas, colors and patterns make musical harmonies... such is the charm of Patangarh's (Dindori, Madhya Pradesh) gond paintings. These paintings have a unique style and unique art which certainly mesmerizes for its unique theme. Gond art has been ruling for centuries, traditionally adorning the walls of each artists home in Patangarh. However, with the changing times, from the walls of homes, Gond art gradually shifted to paper and canvas.

Gonds are the largest tribal community in India and they are mainly found in Madhya Pradesh and its surrounding states. Today, the works of these gond artists are being recognized around the world. For the Gond community, Gond art is majorly inspired from nature as art is everywhere in nature. The beauty of this art lies in its intricate patterns all spreading a grace on the artist's canvas.

Let's know the Gond Art

Gond paintings are a form of paintings made on folk and tribal art by the Gond community. These paintings are prepared on the theme that majorly highlight nature as the main subject. Other than taking inspiration from nature to draw these paintings, myths and legends can also be another subject on which these paintings are drawn.

 Each masterpiece is worth a praise. And why?

With each masterpiece that these artists create, comes a certain specific amount of time and detailing. A small painting may take one whole day depending upon the detailing and size of each while some of the elaborate works can take up at least three- four days with final touches. But each painting is unique from another and the end results are worth a praise.

Santu Tekam, an artist from the village tells us about this entire process. "We first use a black pen to outline the subject and then choose a pattern to fill it in and then finally we add colour." Tekam shared. While taking a look at the paintings, most striking feature that one comes across is the intricate, painstakingly drawn patterns detailing each form on the canvas and the extensive use of all bright colors which make these paintings eye catchy. "Paintings made out of curved lines and dots are some of the common features that we use to draw the paintings. Use of some bright colors like green, blue etc highlight the theme of each piece." added Tekam.

 Exhibitions promoting the art

Rich with a blend of color, patterns, mystery and humor these tribal art works brilliantly depict the pre modern psyche. There have been even exhibitions of gond paintings across thereby granting a strong platform for these artists to showcase their creativity via these paintings. Other than this, the popularity of these paintings has been to an extent that the artists also receive orders from abroad countries.

Do take a tour to MP's Patangarh village to witness these masterpieces by the gond community in the making.