Tansen Samaroh- Gear Up To Witness the Five-Day Musical Extravaganza


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To all the aficionados of Hindustani classical music, here comes the much-awaited event of the year- Tansen Samaroh that is to be held in Tansen Samadhi Parisar, Hajeera Gwalior. This city brimming with a rich history has a special connection with classical music and singing. Mian Tansen, the legend of Dhrupad style, went on to evolve the Gwalior Gharana. As a tribute to the legendary musician and a master of classical music, Tansen Samaroh is organized every year in December by the government of Madhya Pradesh, Department of Culture. 

Several renowned musicians from across the globe gather together on this platform to showcase outstanding performances during the festival. The soul-stirring performances bring the evening alive. The aim is to celebrate the true essence of music and enjoy the melody that comes with each unique performance during the festival.  This year the event is being organized from 26th- 30th Dec 2020 at different venues of Gwalior.

 About Tansen Mian

Mian Tansen was a prominent Indian classical music composer, musician and vocalist. He was known for his large number of compositions and was among the Navratnas at the court of Akbar, the Mughal emperor. He composed several ragas including Bhairav, DarbariTodi, Darbar Kanada, Maihar, Sarang, and Rageshwari. These are all considered as the foundation of classical music. Tansen's major contribution is to the Gwalior Gharana of classical music- a popular musical gharana of Madhya Pradesh. The distinguishing feature of this Gharana is its simplicity and Mian Tansen's name is inseparable from Gwalior.

There are even several legends associated with Tansen's life. It is believed that Mian Tansen could bring down the rain with Raag Megh Malhar and could even light lamps with the legendary Raag Deepak. Such was the power of his music that whenever he sang, everything would light up automatically.   


About the event

Tansen Samaroh is popular for the various styles of music and strong performances by noted artists. Organized by the Government of Madhya Pradesh Department of Culture, the Tansen Samaroh is a unique five-day event for music lovers to experience the superb melody rendered by the great exponents of Indian classical music. The most prestigious Tansen Samman Samaroh is also organized on the occasion. The award is presented to the exponents for their long time devotion and contribution to Hindustani classical music.

Reserve the dates and plan a tripto Gwalior and let various musical melodies mesmerize you.