Beyond Sarafa in Indore - Discover Gulawat Valley, Making Of the Leather Toys, & Batik


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Places to see in Indore

The bustling streets of Sarafa Bazaar and Chappan Dukaan in Indore are tourists' favourite spots to gulp on a variety of yummy street food. But, beyond the famous food, what else can you experience here? Well, there are plenty of experiences that you can add to your day itinerary from visiting the traditional batik printers, meeting the artisans making the exquisite leather toys to driving to the beautiful Gulawat valley. Words will fall short to explain the incredible offerings of Indore. Take a look!

Meet Batik Printers

There are thriving printing workshops in Indore and nearby towns including the Batik printing, an age-old craft which is known for unique dyeing techniques that provide a beautiful cracked effect. Head to the narrow lanes of Indore or Ujjain (55 kms from Indore) where you can witness Batik sarees & bedsheets in making. Meet the talented artisans who will explain to you the traditional and new techniques. Most recently, they are working on Indonesian Batik art to give batik a more colourful facet. The traditional batik technique involves the use of only 3-4 colours wherein Indonesian art allows the artist to play with 9-10 different colours. Don't miss to take home some exquisite batik saree, suit material and, bedsheets for your loved ones. Contact Mr Pushyamitra (Mobile. No -9993091955) to witness the making of batik. 

Leather Toys

This art of creating life-like animal statues from leather is practiced in the alleys of Indore. Craftsmen also involve their families to create miniature and life-size versions of all types of animals, from horses, cows and elephants, to lions, tigers and rhinos, to exotic creatures of the wild, like giraffes, and zebras. Meet the craftsmen and learn how they bring life to the attractive leather toys. Visit the shops with little tourists in your family and shop for fun toys. It will be a different experience altogether. Contact no. 098932 49606 (Appu Handicraft, Indore)

Gulawat Valley

The Gulawat Lotus Valley on the outskirts of Indore is truly a feast to the eyes. Located around 30 kms from the city, it is a must-visit tourist spot during the winter season (Oct-Jan) to catch a beautiful sight of the fresh pink blooms and hundreds of migratory birds. A quaint bridge over the lake gives travellers a perfect view of the lake and gorgeous lotuses. Head to this serene place which is away from the urban chaos. Make sure you travel in a taxi or personal vehicle and carry food & water to have a hassle-free sighting experience. 

So, when you visit next time, along with food joints, make sure you have an extra day to explore other attractions in and around Indore.