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Food of Indore

The city of Indore came into prominence with the rise of marathas.  It is said that Shivaji passed through Indore after making a daring escape from the Mughal court at Agra. However, it was the Holkar dynasty who brought Indore its fame and status. Malhar Rao Holkar, the founder of the dynasty was a prominent commander who played an important part in Maratha conquest of Malwa. Malhar Rao was succeeded by his widowed daughter in law Ahilya Bai. The city is inextricably linked with Holkar queen Rani Ahilya bai.

If the city holds a strong historical background, there is also the tempting food culture to impress you. Apart from the famous Lal Bagh Palace, Kaanch Mandir and the Central Museum, there are a lot of other things about Indore which will leave you speechless. The most important is the food! The street food of Indore, in specific is extremely popular in Madhya Pradesh. The food culture here has its roots based in recipes from neighboring states and an amalgamation of which will serve to give you a delicious meal that will have you smiling all day!

The food culture in Indore  

Madhya Pradesh has a lot to offer in terms of food. The distinctiveness is seen in Indore's food culture too as it's been adopted by its neighboring states with an Indori touch. The life in the city starts with chai (tea), Poha and Jalebi and later in the day one can easily find some amazing preparation of snacks by the road side.  

Much to foodie's desire!

The region offers a wide variety of namkeens, Poha, Jalebi, chaat. Kachori, samosas and cuisines of diverse types of Mughlai, Rajasthani and local delicacies such as Daal Bafla. However, there is much more to Indore when it comes to exploring the street food culture here.  

Heaven for midnight foodies!

Snacks and sweets are something that everyone is fond of. Above that, Indore has got the heaven for midnight foodies- the place is called Sarafa Bazar. If you are in Indore, even for a short visit then visiting Sarafa should be in your must-visit list.  

Chhappan Dukaan- most celebrated foodies landmark  

Another fascinating part of Indore is Chappan Dukaan (referring to the 56 shops) where you find snacks in abundance! This place is quite literally a food treasure trunk with assorted dishes. From Pani Puri, to a bowl of noodles and from north Indian to south Indian delicacies.. you have sizable number of options to try.

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