King's mistake led to the loss of blind parents


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Shravan, regarded as one of the most ideal sons in mythology, was mistaken for a deer and killed with an arrow.

This tale, mentioned in the epic Ramayana, has been revered since ages. Shravan, an ideal and the only son to blind parents, was carrying his parents for pilgrimage. While passing through Kanha, his parents asked Shravan to arrange for water to drink.

He carried his pitcher and headed to a lake. Incidentally, at the same lake was King Dashratha, father of Lord Rama, on his hunting expedition. Unaware of an expert hunter around, Shravan dipped his pitcher into the water. The sound alerted King Dashratha and he shot his arrow in the direction of the sound.

Later, the King realised and regretted that he mistook Shravan for a deer and killed him. Since then the lake is called Shravan Tal.