A Lion-Heart Lost to a Tiger


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Kanha National Park and Tiger Reserve are famous for jungle safari and its vast landscape which is home to thousands of nature's creatures. Apart from the adventure part, the park has many interesting old stories which entice the travellers. 

One is the story of Lapsi, a skilled guide of Kanha National Park who was killed in a fight with a ferocious tiger. The story goes back to 1930s when he accompanied a group of sportsmen to assist them in a hunting expedition. Since Lapsi was himself an experienced hunter, guide, and expert on animal behaviour and well versed with every spot of the forest, there was no better choice than him. In their expedition, they encountered a tiger. The tiger, by nature, charged towards them. Lapsi bravely decided to battle the ferocious beast to protect his sportsmen colleagues. Unfortunately, he lost the fight.

To honour his courage, a gravestone was erected at the same place which is today known as the 'Lapsi Kabar'. It is a prominent tourist spot inside the Kanha National Park.