Different safari experiences to have in Madhya Pradesh


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National Parks in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a paradise for wildlife lovers and the best way to discover national parks and wildlife sanctuaries is by opting for a safari ride. When you visit the heart of incredible India, try different safari experiences offered at our various sites.

- Balloon safari - Bandhavgarh

Wildlife enthusiasts can now zip over Bandhavgarh National Park for a jungle safari in a hot air balloon. You can have the real safari experience of the buffer zone of Bhandhavgarh forest and watch wild animals from birds' eye view. Plan a trip to one of the most sort after national parks of the country!

- Elephant safari - Kanha

Safari ride is a great adventure and if you can get on an elephant safari experience, the joy of sighting the animals just doubles up. This is one of the best means where you can have a closer look at all kinds of animals. Elephant safari in Kanha helps the visitors to access the places inside the park which is not accessible via a jeep ride. The coolest way to enjoy elephant safari is to be a part of the Tiger Show program. It is a program organised after the successful sighting of the tiger by trackers on elephants. The safari can be enjoyed during the morning safari only. Make sure to book your elephant safari well in advance. The Kanha National Park & Tiger Reserve is really renowned for the most adventurous safari experiences and ensures a safe, hassle-free journey to the wildlife in the serene jungle.

- Boat safari - Satpura & Chambal Define Safari

As the terrains of Satpura is known for offering a unique wilderness experience to nature lovers, walking safari, boat safari, are some of the very exclusive features that make the Satpura Tiger Reserve different from other tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh. It's a great place to see leopard, sloth bear and the superstar of the Satpura jungle i.e. the giant squirrel.

Another site that is a heaven for bird watchers and aquatic animal lovers is the Chambal Gharial Sanctuary where you can hop on a boat safari and enjoy exploring a wide array of birds, gharials and turtles. During winters, it turns into a paradise as thousands of migratory birds flock here and gharials come out of the water to bask in the sun! This Boat Safari on the river Chambal is your best choice as it is one of the cleanest rivers in India that you can easily visit. This is also the breeding ground for Indian Gharials and in 2020 Madhya Pradesh was crowned with the title of 'Gharial State of India' due to the good numbers!

- Jeep safari at all National Parks

Encounter plethora of wildlife in their natural abode by taking a jungle safari at the national parks and tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh. Jeep safari is a great way to explore the animal kingdom and meet its proud members. Safari in the national parks of Madhya Pradesh is led by the authorised naturalists with years of expertise. Morning drives held in the core zone offer the best chance of spotting elusive big cats, sloth bears along with several species of deer, langur, and more, though an evening safari in the buffer zone can be equally rewarding.

Plan a trip to Madhya Pradesh and indulge in an experience of a lifetime!