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Tansen Samaroh - Gwalior, MP

Madhya Pradesh, the heartland of Incredible India, is a land of rich musical heritage, which is celebrated through several vivid cultural events. One such event, Tansen Samaroh is a fusion of music, heritage, and pleasant ambience, held in the royal city of Gwalior every year.

On the verge of completing 100 years, this festival is an opportunity for people around the world to perceive the true colours of Gwalior. During this festival, the heart of India hosts renowned artists from various genres, who share their experience with the audience and pay tribute to the legendary musician Mia Tansen through their mesmerising performances.

A Masterpiece of Music Events

The euphoric calm of Tansen Samaroh begins with Gamak, held one day before the event. The gratifying aura created by the performance of a renowned artist at Gamak initiates the prestigious Tansen Samaroh with a high note. The festivities are held at the Tomb of Tansen in Behat, it is then adorned with a series of musical performances by several renowned artists.

The musicophiles at Tansen Samaroh can savour the performances of several ensembles and soloists from around the world. Every performance leaves them with a feeling of reverence towards the performers and builds the enthusiasm of being a part of the next edition of this annual event.

The festivities of Tansen Samaroh are a 5-day long extravaganza for the admirers of music, heritage, history, and royalty. Every day starts with an excursion covering major tourist spots of Gwalior. Visitors can select the activity as per their area of interest and learn about the majestic city. 

The tours:

Musical Strings of Gwalior Tour

Covering a distance of 65 km, this tour takes visitors on an enthralling journey tracing Gwalior's historical and musical landmarks. It covers prominent places like Ghaus Mohammed's Tomb, which is the sandstone mausoleum of Afghan saint Ghaus Mohammed, decorated with lace-like work; the imposing hilltop Gwalior fort, the Tansen Tomb, a pavilion of white marble; and Sarod Ghar, a one of a kind institution to promote Indian classical music, heritage and culture.

For more information, visit https://www.mptourism.com/heritage-walk-gwalior.html

Grand Gwalior Tour

This tour covers all the popular tourist attractions of this ancient city. Offering a combination of heritage and spirituality, this 15-km tour starts from the Sun Temple, a beautiful temple inspired by the famous Konark Sun Temple in Odisha, and ends at Maharaja Bada, a bustling market place encircled by heritage buildings. 

Gwalior Sunrise Tour

During this tour, visitors can attend the morning aarti at the Sun Temple and explore all major musical highlights of the city.

Jewels of the Ravines

This excursion takes visitors to Mitawali, a heritage site around 35 km from Gwalior, famous for the unique Chausath Yogini temple, which some say inspired the circular shape of the Indian Parliament building in New Delhi. Also included in the tour is a trip to the 8th century Bateshwar Group of Temples, and a calming river cruise, during which one can spot playful river dolphins.         

About Gwalior

The city ornamented with the heritage of Incredible India binds its visitors with an alluring view from the Gwalior fort. It is said that the fort was termed as 'Pearl of Indian Forts' by Mughal Emperor Babur and it hides several stories of the sacrifice and glory of this great nation.

The architecture at Maharaj bada is a delight to watch and tourists can shop several souvenirs from this place. The Stonecraft Training and manufacturing unit, National award-winning stone crafts, and the well-known carpet manufacturing unit should be on your bucket list for this city.

The architecture of this beautiful city will leave you with a feeling of awe and the best time to visit this city is during the rainy and winter season.