Sleeman and Moor found the real Mowgli


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Wildlife in Madhya Pradesh, India

The world knows Mowgli as a wolf-child from Kipling's most popular work of fiction. But Sir Sleeman's pamphlet says a wolf-child did really exist in 1831.

This tale has been around for years. Sir William Henry Sleeman's pamphlet, 'An Account of Wolves Nurturing Children in Their Dens', talks of a boy, living in the company of wolves, captured by Lieutenant John Moor after camping for a month in Seoni.

It is believed that this pamphlet caught Rudyard Kipling's attention, inspiring him to write 'The Jungle Book'. What makes this theory believable is the fact that the places mentioned in the book do really exist.

What an experience it would be to visit these places in Pench! And for the child within you, who's still a die-hard fan of Mowgli, there is a Pench Mowgli Sanctuary in the reserve.