Embark on a Monsoon Drive in Madhya Pradesh


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Monsoon Drive in Madhya Pradesh

If you have the urge to wander in the rain and explore new places, let us introduce you to a destination that truly tugs at the heart. Madhya Pradesh, aptly known as the heart of Incredible India, boasts a treasure trove of cultural heritage, spirituality, natural splendour, wildlife, and historical marvels, attracting travellers and monsoon lovers. If a monsoon escapade is your desire, Madhya Pradesh offers an inviting option. The state houses several mesmerising tourist spots that unfurl their natural beauty during the rainy season - think lush greens, meandering rivers, and cascading waterfalls.


Picture this: Jabalpur, a city enriched with natural grace, spiritual allure, and a rich history. Once the capital of the Gond Kings, Jabalpur is enriched with architectural gems like the Madan Mahal fort and Rani Durgavati Memorial and Museum. Yet, the pinnacle of a monsoon visit to Jabalpur arrives with a road trip to Bhedaghat. This village holds sacred significance due to the union of Banganga and Narmada rivers. A 20-kilometre journey through captivating verdant hues leads you to this gem. At Bhedaghat, behold the majestic Dhuandhar falls, renowned for its thunderous flow and its roar echoing even before you arrive. Venture forth to explore the Chausath Yogini temple and drift through limestone valleys for an unforgettable experience.


Pachmarhi, nestled in the embrace of the Satpura ranges, is the highest hill station in Madhya Pradesh. The "Queen of Satpura," as it's affectionately known, is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, its pristine allure said to have hosted the Pandavas during their exile. After immersing in Pachmarhi's beauty, a road trip to the stunning Satpura Tiger Reserve, offering lush landscapes and abundant wildlife. This National Park uniquely allows walkthroughs in core zones, though a guide is usually needed for safari rides.


Then there's Amarkantak, an invitation to a monsoon adventure. Rain-kissed roads wind through lush forests, enhanced by gentle showers. Arriving in Amarkantak, the cosy embrace of MPT HOLIDAY HOMES awaits. Fog-draped mornings and misty panoramas enchant, especially as you explore the Shri Yantra Temple, Sonmuda, and Mai ki Bagiya. The highlight of the trip comes at Kapil Dhara and Dugdh Dhara waterfalls, where nature's power blends with artistic elegance.


Let's journey further to Orchha, nestled along the banks of the Betwa River. This serene destination boasts grand temples, palaces and cenotaphs crafted by the Bundela kings, resonating with history and architectural wonder. Orchha's charm blooms during the monsoons through the rain-kissed streets, river rafting adds to the excitement and the Raja Ram Temple exudes a profound spiritual aura.


Venture deeper into the valley of Chhindwara, where Tamia and Patalkot await with their wellness havens and forest-fringed trails. These destinations are renowned for their green surroundings, tribal customs, and immersive monsoon delights. One more captivating aspect of this destination is the "Patalkot's Kitchen" (known as "Patalkot ki Rasoi"), which offers a taste of the local tribal cuisine. This includes delights like maize bread, native tomato vegetables, Balhar vegetables, Mahua Puri, and Mahua Puri-Rabri served in traditional Dona Pattal plates.

Here are some additional tourist destinations for monsoon drives in Madhya Pradesh, where you can enjoy the rainy season with your loved ones.

To dive into more intricate details about these havens and to explore travel nuances like accommodation choices, travel routes, and local guides, the Madhya Pradesh Tourism website stands as your reliable companion. Prepare for a monsoon journey that will leave your heart brimming with memories and your soul enriched by nature's beauty.