Top 5 Monsoon Drives Through Madhya Pradesh



Monsoon Destinations in Madhya Pradesh

Every monsoon, a magic unfolds in the heart of incredible India. Forests turn lush green, rivers dance in joy, tumbling down mountain sides in roaring silver streaks and a dreamy mist envelopes the land. Destinations like Bhopal, Pachmarhi, Tamia, and Maheshwar are flocked by people, who want to be a part of this magic. However, the real essence of the rainy season in Madhya Pradesh can also be experienced through road trips. To help you choose the destinations to plan a road trip, we bring you some of the best routes to be explored during the monsoon.

Rewa - Keoti falls

Nestled in the northeastern part of Madhya Pradesh, Rewa is a beautiful district enriched with cascading waterfalls. A one-day expedition from the town of Rewa to the Keoti waterfalls during the monsoon season can refresh your mind with panoramic views. The 130-m waterfall is located just 40 km from this town and it is a perfect escape from your chaotic routine. After watching the waterfall, you can also explore the uncounted rooms and courtyards of the Keoti fort, not so far from it.

Indore - Mandu - Maheshwar

For the lovers of historical charms, this trail is a must-see. Starting with a fulfilling breakfast from Indore with some delicious Malwa flavours  such as Bhutte ka Kees, head towards the beautiful city of Mandu, which celebrates the love of poet-prince Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati. Your journey through the green grasslands will certainly astound you, but make sure you do not leave your trail.

After reaching Mandu, explore the immersive architecture and buildings from the Mughal era. Relish the feeling of joy as you gaze down at the clouds from Rani Roopmati Mahal and bag some memories of the majestic city. For a hearty delight, taste the elegant flavours of Dal Paniya and set off for the temple town, Maheshwar, located just 45 km from Mandu. The breezy air felt while exploring the massive fort, temples, and ghats of Maheshwar makes it a memorable experience for the tourists. After your trip, make sure to bag some exquisite Maheshwari Sarees as memorabilia. 

Bhopal - Jagdishpur - Halali Dam

Being a city of lakes, Bhopal is a perfect destination to find satisfying moments while you gaze at the blue-green horizon. The rainy season in this town is filled with endless possibilities and every day brings a bundle of surprises for its visitors. As you explore the delicious roadside cuisines in this city, make sure to taste the Chai from Raju Tea Stall and roasted Bhutta available all over the city during monsoon.   

Once you are done exploring the beauty of Bhopal, you can also plan a trip to Halali dam (40 km approx) and while you are on the way, make sure to stop and explore the green meadows of Jagdishpur. The fort of Jagdishpur is the major tourist attraction of this place and it was erected by Afghan commander Dost Mohammad Khan in 1715. Due to this reason, it also holds a major significance in the history of Bhopal.

Khajuraho - Dhubela - Raneh Falls

The UNESCO world heritage site, Khajuraho Group of Monuments, features several architectural wonders built between 885 AD and 1050 AD by the Chandela dynasty. During Monsoon, the carvings gleam in the eyes of tourists and establish an affair of love and joy. After exploring the group of temples, tourists can plan a visit to Dhubela to watch the architecture of the Tomb of Maharaja Chhatrasal, built in the 18th century AD. Located just 62 km away, it is a perfect road trip to explore the greenswards and hills beautified with the colours of nature. On you way back to Khajuraho, swerve from your trail and head towards Raneh falls (22 Km Approx.). This spectacular fall is formed when the Ken River forms a 30 meter canyon, formed with crystalline granite in different colours. 

Pench - Tamia 

After an enthralling expedition in the Mowgli land, a trip to pristine Tamia thrives the purpose of visiting the Heart of Incredible India. Located just 140 km (Approx.) from Pench Tiger Reserve, Tamia is an untouched hill station in Madhya Pradesh flourishing with vast ecological and Botanic diversity.      

This place offers an invigorating experience that replenishes the tired souls. This makes it a perfect place to cool your burning paws after a trip to Pench National Park.  

Apart from these places, every nook and cranny in Madhya Pradesh sparkles with the colour of nature and every moment in this incredible state brings you one step closer to falling in love with it.

So, what are you waiting for? Monsoon in Madhya Pradesh awaits your arrival!