Meet Collarwali, the record-breaker of Pench


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Meet Collarwali - Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Soon after she was born in 2005, the forest officials had named her T-15. But soon the locals started calling her Collarwali because of the radio collar around her neck. Collarwali was born to famous parents BadiMada (Big Mother) and Charger, a famously ferocious male.

Collarwali’s popularity rose when she starred in the popular documentary series - Spy in the Jungle, which was shot using trunk cameras tied to elephants. The series documented Collarwali and her siblings playing, cuddling, fighting, learning, hunting and generally growing up. Like all tigers, Collarwali too struck out soon after and marked her own territory. She became a regular sight to a growing number of Park visitors, and she earned their admiration for her majesty and grace.