A queen remembered for her height - Maharani Chinku Rani Saheb



Maharani Chinku Rani Saheb

One of the popular tourist attractions in Gwalior is Jai Vilas Palace which catches attention not just for its magnanimity but also for the heavy, beautifully designed Chandeliers, and silver toy train; but there are other aspects too associated with this magnificent heritage palace. 

In case you have ever visited Jai Vilas Palace, you must have come across a portrait of Maharani Chinku Rani Saheb. Did you notice her height? Did you notice the specially designed furniture in the room dedicated to her? 

Well, Maharani Chinku Rani was one of the queens in the Scindia family who is still remembered for her height. She was 4 feet 3 inches and was married to Maharaja Madhorao Scindia, who was unaware of her height until he saw Maharani Chinku Rani only at the time of their marriage. 

Irrespective of her height, Maharani's decision making skills were big enough to lead the royal family and strong enough to take care of the royal rights and responsibilities.  Maharani Chinku Rani was always involved in the major family matters and she was confidant of Maharaja Madhorao. 

On the other hand, there are few things in the palace which display Maharani's liking for the footwear and sarees. Visitors get to see the specially designed but unusually small furniture placed neatly in the room dedicated to her inside the palace. 

Specially designed bed to suit her height and well crafted furniture which she could easily shift and pull was all made out of walnut wood. The design of furniture is mainly influenced by french and victorian styles. 

Going forward, the footwear collection of Maharani Chinku Raje is also on display. Her shoes are placed on a beautiful tree-shaped showpiece which is on display inside the palace. Not just the footwear, but she was also particular about the sarees in her collection.

It is believed that Maharani Chinku Rani Saheb was extremely fond of Chanderi sarees. She defined her love for these sarees by wearing them on maximum occasions. The time when Chinku Rani ruled, the fabric of Chanderi sarees was flourishing and hence her collection of sarees majorly had in Chanderi fabric.

Also, when Maharani had to express gratitude towards any situation or an individual she would write letters and send to the person concerned as a token of appreciation. One of the hand written letters by Maharani Chinku Rani is still on display.    

Do take a tour to this wonderfully designed palace and get a sneak peak into the lifestyle of the royals.