Discover Forsyth Trail in Satpura - Trekking & Camping!



Forsyth Trail in Satpura

Satpura range is known for its rich bio-diversity. It has many offerings which a traveller can explore and get mesmerised in the tranquillity of its forest. Along with the tiger safari at the Satpura National Park & Tiger Reserve, you can follow in the footsteps of Capt. James Forsyth of the British Army, a man who is credited to have discovered Pachmarhi and adjoining Satpura landscape in 1857 along with his troop while on a journey towards Jhansi. Indulge in promising adventure activities in Madhya Pradesh with trekking and camping at Satpura forest!

Camping at Pagara village

Camping is best experienced when you crawl out of your comfort zone and spend time amidst the wilderness. Before commencing a hike to Forsyth Trail, reach Pagara village located in the Satpura Forest to kick-start the first leg of the journey at this exciting campsite. Enjoy a high tea session with breathtaking views of mountains and lush foliage. Spot stars and constellation in the clear sky away from urban chaos and take long sleep as it is required for the next day's trekking excursion to Forsyth Trail.

Trekking at Forsyth Trail

The Forsyth Trail takes you on a journey to attractive Pachmarhi Hills and the rugged sal & teak forest of Satpura, the original route followed by James Forsyth while discovering the hilltop town, Pachmarhi. To start a trekking voyage, you need to move towards Dehliya through a thick Satpura forest bountiful in wildlife, flora and fauna. This woodland is abode to many wild beasts including tiger, bison, leopard, sloth bear, spotted deer, etc. While hiking, keep your binoculars ready to catch a glimpse of rare winged guests like the paradise flycatcher, vultures etc.

Camp at Dehliya

After a long day of trekking, settle your journey at the campsite of Dehliya with heavenly views of the river Denwa backwaters. As the curtain of night falls, you'll witness stars dancing in the sky. Stargazing is best experienced with a telescope, you can ask your tour operator if they can offer the service. Devouring dinner under the blanket of star-studded sky will surely give you a good night sleep in your tent.

When you wake up the next morning, you will be set for another day dedicated to adventure. Enjoy your riverside breakfast and head to explore some hidden gems like waterfalls, ponds and do birdwatching. You can also take part in an off-roading session and post that thrilling ride, call it a day with a bonfire at the camp location.

Come, take a deep dive into the woods of Madhya Pradesh and enjoy blissful walks and camp amidst the jungle. This unforgettable holiday leads you through the heart of a new India!