Top 5 Adventure Activities to do in Pachmarhi


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Pachmarhi Destination

Nestled amidst the rugged Satpura ranges of central India is Pachmarhi - the most scenic hill station of Madhya Pradesh. Popularly known as 'Satpura Ki Rani' and 'Queen of the Satpura', it is located around 200 kms from the capital city of Bhopal in Hoshangabad district. The landscape of Pachmarhi is dominated by soaring hills, plunging ravines and ancient monoliths. At every possible point in the mountain, streams spill down the steep slopes to give rise to cascading waterfalls. Apart from natural beauty, the place is famous for thrilling adventure activities. Have a look!

Cycling in Pachmarhi

The engulfing natural beauty may be best experienced on foot, but the thrill of a cycle ride is another great experience to indulge in. MPT properties like Champak and Amaltas provide cycles to the guest staying in their premises to roam around the town. So, you can start from the hotel and paddle through various points in Pachmarhi offering panoramic views.  Ride alongside the serene Lake, and conclude your rewarding journey at the age-old Catholic Church. Be prepared to amaze your friends with your exciting stories of cycling experience in Pachmarhi which not many people have yet experienced.

Go Waterfall Trekking

Your trip to Pachmarhi is incomplete if you didn't hike down to hypnotic waterfalls. Wrapped in a blanket of lush greenery, the hill station is blessed with numerous waterfalls, the remarkable roar of cascading water can be heard from far and wide. You can choose to trek the Apsara Vihar, Rajat Prapat which can be reached via a steep hike. Other such unbeatable spectacles are the Bee Falls and Duchess Falls which are accumulated down the hill, and trek to these marvels is a dream for nature lovers!

Ziplining at Satpura Adventure Club

Ziplining includes sliding over from one end to another when fastened to a cable. The swift cuddles of the breeze, impressive views of the endless Satpura Ranges, and the unfolding canvas of greenery right below, is something that you get to experience when you zip line in Pachmarhi! As speeding through the air, the adventure lover in you comes back to life.

Take Part in a wide array of adrenaline-pumping sports like parasailing, zorbing, and rock climbing organised by the Satpura Adventure Club, a local operator that offers different kinds of adventure activities to the tourists. So, brace yourself for an unmatched experience of the most exhilarating things to do in Pachmarhi.

Motor Parasailing at Satpura Adventure Club

With a huge variety of adventure activities, Pachmarhi will get your heart racing! Motor Parasailing over the stretching, entwining beauty of Pachmarhi is unlike any other experience.

The feeling of flying in the infinite sky is so overwhelming, that even when you have landed, the adrenaline that had rushed through you, stays for much longer. See your wishes come true of indulging in the most unbeatable activities at a hill station like Pachmarhi.

Pachmarhi day tour with Jeep Safari      

Pachmarhi offers some unmatched tourist experiences to its visitors. It gives you the best opportunity to explore the lush terrains that are perfectly complemented by the waterfalls and colonial architecture. Go for a jeep safari tour around the town from MPT hotels and explore the churches, temples, waterfalls, and caves that are enclosed by the mountainous beauty and serenity.   

With all these electrifying excursions, there is not one dull moment at Pachmarhi for travellers!