Bundelkhand Cuisines - The Rich Culinary Feast!


Culture :: Cuisine


The land of Bundelkhand carries a magisterial chronicle. Be it heritage, art & crafts, handloom, culture or cuisines, it stands out among all. Adding to the culinary treat, we are covering some authentic and lesser-known cuisines of the region.

Starting the grand feast with the year's old Budelkhandi traditional dish called Bara, it's made from split black lentil dumplings, soaked in buttermilk, tempered with mustard seeds and served with crushed sugar. One can still find this dish in clay jars in some of the villages. The credit of protecting and restoring the year-old traditional cuisine goes to the homemakers, who kept it alive. The other cuisine which needs a special mention here is Meeda which is made from the tiny pieces of gram flour fried in oil and cooked in a thin tomato based gravy. Although, if you don't like too spicy food then you can always opt for a light meal called Maheri which is a bit like khichdi. The dish will be light yet filling!

For non-veg lovers, Bundelkhand offers some un-matched traditional cuisines including Bundeli Gosht, Kadaknath Murgha, and Keeme Ki Tikki. Interestingly, Kadaknath Murgha is also known as 'Kali Masi' because of its dark colour. It is one of the varieties of chicken, mainly found in the areas of the Madhya Pradesh.

You can have endless options when it comes to desserts of Bundelkhandi region. Ras Kheer and Lapsi are among the yummiest sweet dishes to give a shot! A traditional dish which needs a special consideration here is Anarsa, it's a deep fried sweet dish made from rice flour and Jaggery (gud).