Offbeat Destinations You Must Visit In Madhya Pradesh for Work and Vacation


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Must Visit Destinations in Madhya Pradesh - MP Tourism

The Covid-19 pandemic forced all of us to accept the new normal living and now most of us are tired of zoom calls and meetings locked inside our homes.  So, for a change why not take up this opportunity and plan a trip to some serene locations in Madhya Pradesh where you can work alongside enjoying some leisure activities. After all, all work and no play definitely makes all of us dull, right. To ease out your hunt for workation destination, here we are sharing with you some locations where you can work, enjoy and take back a refreshing experience. Read on...


MPT Halali Retreat       


Located at an hours drive from Bhopal, MPT Halali Retreat offers a much needed break from the mundane working and you can fulfill your professional commitments more productively in the conducive environment. Safety guidelines with respect to COVID-19 and protocols are taken into consideration followed by availability of proper wi-fi connection, sumptuous meals prepared in a hygienic environment. In addition to this, you can also enjoy a speed boat ride or visit the Halali waterfall which is 15 minutes away from MPT Halali Retreat. The destination makes your work and vacation experience all the more exciting when you sit in the lush green lawns and enjoy the peace all around the premises. Do plan a visit and come back with a rejuvenating experience.


Bagheera Jungle Resort Mocha, Kanha National Park

Need a tranquil, calm and lush green space to work and vacay/ Head to Bagheera Jungle Resort, Mocha a beautiful accommodation that offers you all this and more. It is a dream work set up for those who wish to escape the city chaos and love to revel in the scintillating beauty of the surroundings. Well equipped with high speed internet, comfortable rooms, meals prepared in hygienic environment and well sanitised premises, you can book a stay here to work in a stress free environment. Once you are done with the professional commitments,  you can simply lay down a chair and soak in the picturesque vistas to relax. Also, Kanha National Park attracts tourists for a good number of tiger sightings so you can even opt for Jungle safari and have a good time spotting the big cats and other species here. 


Sagaun Retreat, Delawadi

Relax, rejuvenate and work peacefully at Sagaun Retreat, Delawadi located approx 55 kms from Bhopal. A good attraction for nature and adventure lovers, this location also offers spacious conference halls where you can sit comfortably and attend your zoom calls and complete your other professional commitments. Airtel and Jio networks are available at the retreat with good wi-fi connectivity. You can also keep yourself engaged by exploring several points of interests like view point, Ginnorgarh fort 7kms from Delawadi, Chor Baoli, Choti Aamkho, Badi Aamkho and more.


 Choral Resort, Choral, Indore

Located approx 38 kms from Indore, Choral Resort is just the place for you to relax and unwind after completing your professional commitments. The place is full of jovial water activities and with meals your stay and wi- fi availability is taken care of. The spot is one of the famous picnic spots too so you can also look forward to spending some quality time with your family or friends here. Your work and vacation experience here will turn out memorable because you will have a conducive environment to work and at the same time enjoy to the fullest. So, working at such an exotic location won't be a boring thing of course.


Jungle Resort, Udaigiri

Take yourself out of the four walls of your house and work in a place that is contemporary and relaxing. MPT Jungle Resort, Udaigiri is your go to destination if you are looking forward to work and relax peacefully at the same time. Covered in greenery and full of peace, the aura of this place is really positive and refreshing that you are likely to fall in love with this destination if you spend a few days here. You will also love working in the company of deers and peacocks that can be seen roaming freely in the premises. Do plan a workation here and enjoy a work and vacation trip in an environment that is well equipped with all the digital facilities. 


Note; All the MPT Hotels and Resorts mentioned above are well sanitised and functioning in accordance to the COVID-19 guidelines.