Experience wellness and wilderness at the jungle glamps in Bagh Villas


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jungle glamps in Bagh Villas

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It is 4 p.m. and I'm sipping a cup of coffee on the porch outside my tent. A pond lined with jungle grass mirrors the wilderness around it. A 5-foot anthill stands a few feet away. The untamed beauty of the view in the front is in sharp contrast to what stands behind - a luxurious tent inspired by traditional shikar design of royal tents, pitched during the Maharajas' hunting expeditions. It is this blend of raw and refined that defines the experience at Bagh Villas in Kanha.

wellness and wilderness at the jungle glamps in Bagh Villas

For the body and mind

I take a walk around the property and am lured into a spacious reading room with stacks of jungle stories and its fair share of titles. With only 12 tents occupying the sprawling expanse, it is quiet enough to hear your own thoughts, with an occasional cooing or croaking to pleasantly interrupt the stillness. The place naturally is a site for meditation and mindful exercises. Seated amidst the forest cover, with just enough light trickling through the canopy, the milieu is perfect during our evening yoga session. Lia, a trained yoga instructor and one half of the couple that runs the property, hosts these sessions. The place also hosts a tranquil spa room offering a range of treatments such as aromatherapy and warm stone massage.

wellness and wilderness at the jungle glamps in Bagh Villas

Blending in

The thing that really strikes a chord with us is how Bagh Villas strives to be the least invasive in its surroundings. The pond around which the entire property is centred helps harvest rainwater. There is no trace of single-use plastics anywhere - everything is served in reusable containers. The kitchen waste goes to make compost which is then used in the in-house vegetable and herb garden. We had a chance to savour some fresh home-grown veggies and herbs over an Italian spread for lunch and may we say... mamma mia! All of this, served with a side of warm and regaling conversations with Akhilesh Nair, whose labour of love Bagh Villas is. 

As if making up for the quiet of the day, meal times here are a peppy affair with everybody on the property getting together over friendly chatter.

wellness and wilderness at the jungle glamps in Bagh Villas

For the outdoor souls

Apart from indulging in wellness activities on the property, one can experience the grand outdoors with in-house naturalists on birding trips and safaris. One can also explore the neighbouring Baiga villages on a bi-cycle trail. The villages here with their quaint mud homes and vast stretches of farms dotted with lakes and ponds are straight out of a postcard. The golden hour, with its unobstructed tangerine skies, is the highlight of the day. 

Luxurious yet earthy, there's plenty of wellness and wilderness to experience at this charming forest glamp.

The Information

How to get there: The closest airport to this part of Kanha is 

Raipur, 4 hours away. The closest railway station is Gondia Junction, 125 kms away.

Best time to visit: October to June is an ideal time to enjoy safaris, nature walks and cycle tours.

Address: Near Mukki Gate of Kanha National Park, Behrakhar village, Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh

Cost: `18,000 onwards

Contact: +91-9111003371 or  +91-9111003372

Email: contact@baghvillas.com

Website: https://baghvillas.com

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How to get there: Jabalpur is the closest airport to Bandhavgarh and Umaria is the closest railway station.

Address: Bandhavgarh National Park, Umariya, Madhya Pradesh

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railway stations to Baghira. One can also fly in, via Jabalpur 

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Address: Chiraidongri - Kanha Rd, Mocha, Madhya Pradesh 

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Contact: +91-9111401004

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