Enjoy a Summer Vacay at these Waterfront Properties in Madhya Pradesh


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Waterfront Properties in Madhya Pradesh| MP Tourism

There's something extremely peaceful in living in the close proximity of water. So, it's no wonder that desiring to stay at a waterfront property comes with a fulfilling experience.

Madhya Pradesh hosts you with some amazingly beautiful water- front properties where you wake up to the soothing sound of water and extremely peaceful surroundings. Read on to know where you can look forward to booking a stay and spend a vacation: 

MPT Bison resort, Madai

Family and friends of all ages can unite together in Madai's Bison Resort that  allows you to adore spectacular waterfront views from the comfort of your room. Feel relaxed amidst the cosy, comfortable and peaceful surroundings that this place offers. As the resort is in the close proximity to Satpura Tiger Reserve, you will also be able to experience nature at its peak, complete wilderness and tranquility. Take up a safari if you love watching animals in the wild and the peaceful silence here speaks volume about how beautiful Madai is. 

MPT Parsili Resort

Situated on the banks of river Banas MPT Parsili Resort offers you pure luxury blended with endless comfort. Famous for soft and moist sand bed, you can also experience a barefoot walk in knee deep water. So alongside adoring the beautiful vistas which surround this property you can also take up a barefoot walk which is one of a kind experience in itself. Walk miles together or simply sit by the river bed side to feel the peace within, the choice is yours. 

MPT Choral Resort

The calm waterscape surrounded by breathtaking surroundings at MPT Choral Resort offers you the much needed peace. You can opt for rooms with water facing balconies thereby enjoying a cup of tea or simply pull a chair to read your favorite book. This can turn out to be your favorite corner to find some solitude and enjoy reading sessions close to water. In the night too, you get to hear the sweet sound of water & get an equally alluring vision. Enjoy your stay here to the fullest.

Baghira Jungle Resort, Mocha

The mesmerizing view from each room wins your heart throught-out your vacation here. You can sit by the window side and watch the waves rushing to the shore. The splendor of this place gives you a vacation that you must have been longing for amidst the chaotic lifestyle. The magnificent water views radiate a calm and peaceful aura where you can drown yourself away from any sort of stress. So, an altogether exhilarating experience is what you get at Baghira Jungle Resort, Mocha.

Malwa Resort, Mandu

Being ideally located amidst picturesque settings Malwa Resort in Mandu is surrounded by a beautiful lake. This place gives a majestic view of the calm water and in case you don't wish to book a room then you can also opt for its tent services as accommodation. You can simply lie down in one of their tents overlooking the lake and the beautiful surrounding landscapes. 

Come, visit Madhya Pradesh and book a stay with these beautiful water front properties to take back a vacation worth remembering.