Want To Witness Exorcism?? Visit Mystical Chogaan.


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Chogaan Temple

by Pamela

Apart from the experiential tribal trail, MP offers a feast for your eyes and spirit to your mind with its stunning natural beauty, history, archaeological sites, and various other attractions. But have you ever heard about any village where exorcism is practised? If you want to witness exorcism or get the vibe of mystical unusual culture, visit Chogaan.

Chogaan Village

Chogaan Temple of Choagan village in Madhya Pradesh is an exotic religious place in India where followers come to get rid of ghosts and evil spirits, especially on the full moon every month. The most common practice is to stroke the captured soul with a pointed metal rod with a ring brush that person’s back with a feathered broom. Also, the temple priests provide ashes to throw in the air and make the spirit leave the body. There are chains, tridents, spears, and sharp weapons stacked inside the temple to beat the spirit or chain the spirit to leave the body.

The temple here in Chogaan is believed to be very powerful with potent divine strengths and hence it is popular for ritual practices of exorcism in India.

Different Ambience

At the entrance of the village, there are several small brick walls structured created in the name of dead villagers to remember them. The villagers try to keep the area clean to satisfy the dead souls here.

In this village, every woman wears a white saree irrespective of their marital status.

While entering the village, anyone can astonish by the colours of the walls of the houses or the temple which is a strikingly attractive sky-blue colour. As someone enters the blue temple, the first glimpse he would get of a gigantic iron ladder with a black flag on top and then when he enters, he would see dome-shaped structures painted blue. There is no idol inside the temple instead chains hang around which are enough to give eerie vibes. This is the village where demonic and divine forces are merged.

At Chogaan, it is believed that over seven deities reside here and hence it is called a “district court of Goddesses,” and it is filled with divine aura and energy. Hence the clans believe that the temple here in Chogan is where hellish forces possessing humans can be defeated by the heavenly powers through the exorcism process.  The exorcists who climb the ladders are believed to be possessed with spiritual powers, which is how they are able to expel the evil spirit.

If you expect any conclusion, dear reader, I admit I have no more to offer. The matter is too hard and too much beyond my field and my understanding to try to summarize it. Other than what is above, there is something beyond our imaginations and no matter what we will discover in the end, the process of solving mysteries can oftentimes lead to many unexpected conclusions and insights.

Would you dare to visit Chogaan??

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