Trip to Betul - A hidden jewel of Madhya Pradesh


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Betul - A hidden jewel of Madhya Pradesh

Betul is a hidden gem located in the lap of Madhya Pradesh, just 178 km from the capital, Bhopal. The region is quite secluded from the city commotion and is enclosed by rich biodiversity. It lies in the plains of the Satpura range, making the weather pleasant throughout the year.

Spiritual heritage

There are beautiful examples of rich spiritual heritage in the forms of temples and places of worship. Scattered around the hill, Muktagiri houses 52 temples of the Digambar Jain sect, the oldest one of which is a cave. These temples were built during the 13th-14th century, alluring both the religious and those interested in history. Balajipuram Temple is another site that attracts many tourists for its beautiful architecture and festival of Vasant Panchami which is celebrated here every year with utmost zeal. These aesthetically pleasing places welcome the devotees to seek blessings from across the country.

Kukru hill station

Kukru is a scenic village in Betul District known for the coffee farms, windmills and jungle camping experiences. Situated in the range of Satpura, the tiny hill station offers its visitors eternal tranquillity and peace. You can witness the best of this hidden jewel by booking accommodation with the ecotourism board ( With this hill station added to your itinerary, Betul makes for an ideal destination to hop on a road trip and cherish the unspoiled beauty of nature away from urban chaos!

Souvenir shopping from artists

Betul is not only rich in natural beauty but much loved for its handicrafts. Many activities of handicraft happen in village Tigriya near Betul, mostly performed by the local tribes i.e. Turi and Bharewa. Various eye-catching art pieces of bamboo and metal are made using innovative designs and techniques. Dhokra metal craft is quite popular here and is locally known as 'Bharai Kaam'. It is an art of moulding brass with the ancient technique of wax casting. The gifted artisans put in a commendable effort to make these intricate crafts known and remarkable! When in Betul, meet the local artists and buy handmade souvenirs for family and friends.

Accommodation - A leisurely stay at Bori Safari Lodge

Located near the Bori Wildlife sanctuary in Betul district, the Bori Safari Lodge is a luxurious retreat amidst the forest. While you plan to visit Betul and around, you can book a leisurely stay at the Bori Safari Lodge. Away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, it's a property with chic urban aesthetics, and a fine dine experience. Imagine devouring candlelight dinner with your loved one under the open sky, gazing at the stars and enjoying the gentle breeze. Each aspect of the property redefines luxury!