Indulge In Glamping Under The Magical Mandu Sky!


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Under the Mandu Sky

Surrounded by monuments of love and conquest, Mandu's glamps create the perfect ambience for contemplation and conversation.

If you're on a road trip through Madhya Pradesh, you won't run out of spectacular views of either a forest or vast agricultural fields. The approach to Mandu therefore stood out, given that it resembled nothing of what we had seen thus far. First, the town sits atop a hill in the Vindhyas, in Malwa - a region known for its many conquests. Next, true to its character of a fortress town, Mandu welcomes you with countless gates or 'darwazas'. Therefore, it is fitting that you retire to a glamourous camp or 'glamp' after exploring imposing structures, such as Baz Bahadur Palace, Roopmati Pavilion and Jahaz Mahal.

Starry, starry night

Luxurious with carpeted floors and exquisite drapes for roofs, Mandu's glamps are reminiscent of what may have been a royal layover back in the day. Toasty even on a February evening, the glamps come with a common dining hall, which, with its silken drapes and pristine whites, is fit for a royal repast. The interiors are charming enough to hold you hostage, but the view outside is just as magical. Stars shine bright in the Mandu sky. Each of the 18 tents has a porch that invites you to sit out and savour the celestial treat, and find inner peace and calm in the silence of the night.

Under the Mandu Sky

Mandu Festival

The glamps are put up for the Mandu Festival, the state's annual marquee cultural festival usually held in December-January. It is a five-day fiesta featuring live music, art exhibitions, adventure sport activities, poetry evenings, light-and-sound show - all against the exquisite backdrop of Mandu's architectural gems.

Under the Mandu Sky

The tent village stays put for a few days after the festival. In case you visit it post the festivities, you can still explore the town with the help of the team at the glamp. It offers a walking and a cycling tour; there's also a special Instagram tour for the social-media savvy.

The Information

How to get there: The closest airport is in Indore, 

124 km away. The closest railway station is Ratlam, 

99 kms away.

Best time to visit: The glamps are put up during the Mandu festival held typically in December-January. However, they continue to be there until the end of February.  

Cost: A couple-occupancy glamp costs Rs18,000 a night, inclusive of meals 

Website: lists dates and other activities to look forward to during the Mandu festival. One may also refer to this site for booking a glamp during the festival.

Besides Mandu, Madhya Pradesh offers many camping and glamping experiences in its gorgeous wild environs. The national parks - including those at Pench, Satpura, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Panna - are known for their Dark Skies, in particular. Away from the city lights, with no light pollution, they  are perfect for stargazing with or without a telescope. Some of the places to consider for glamping and stargazing are:

Jamtara Wilderness Camp

Centred around an ancient banyan tree, Jamtara in Pench is perfect for some forest bathing or simply reliving Kipling's works that were inspired from the jungles here. They also offer a Star Bed experience for travellers who wish to sleep under a canopy of stars on a machan erected in the middle of a field. (The benefits are also shared with a local farmer who owns the land.) 

How to get there: Nagpur airport/railway station is closest to Jamtara, nearly 72 kms away.

Cost: Double occupancy starts at `28,000.

Contact: +91-11-2685 3760, 2651 6770


Shergarh Tented Camp

Located on a sprawling 20-acre property, Shergarh Camp sits at the edge of the Kanha Tiger Reserve and is closest to Mukki Gate. A restored native forest, it has a spring-fed waterbody, which can be a wonderful perch not only to watch the stars in the skies, but also to see their reflections twinkling in its placid waters.       

How to get there: It is best to access it from Jabalpur airport or railway station, situated approx. 160 kms away.

Cost: Double occupancy starts at Rs32,000.

Contact: +91-9098187346


Taj Banjaar Tola

Located just outside Kanha, on the banks of the Banjaar river, this property is ensconced in a Sal forest. It offers its guests a chance to take a walk after sundown with their in-house naturalist to see the Milky Way in all its glory. 

How to get there: It is best to access it from Jabalpur airport or railway station, situated approximately 160 kms away.

Cost: Double occupancy starts at Rs30,000.