Top 5 experiences of treks & trails to have in Madhya Pradesh


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Treks & Trails to Have in Madhya Pradesh

Hiking and trekking are the most calming and adventurous ways to explore the richness of any area's natural heritage. With sprawling landscapes and lush forests, Madhya Pradesh is a delight for adventure and nature lovers. The treks and trails here not only bring you a step close to nature but offer a glimpse into the state's rich heritage. Come, trek through some amazing trails to have a core adventure experience. 

Ginnorgarh Trek - Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary

First up is the trek to ancient Ginnorgarh Fort which is best experienced during the pleasant months from October to March. The trek requires permission from the local forest office, with an entry fee and an accompanying guide. It's about 4.5 Km, one way and a total of about 9 Km from the entry gate of Delawadi. It goes through a dense forest of the Ratapani Sanctuary. As you climb up the hill and get near to the fort, you won't literally see the Fort until the last few steps because the fort is well hidden in the dense forest. With the fort virtually emerging and appearing out of the forest at the very last moment, a lovely reminiscent of history awaits!

Start & end point: Delawadi Entry Gate

Forest area: Ratapani Sanctuary

Length: 9 km

Best Season: July to March

Operators: Ratapani Jungle Lodge, Devils Adventure (Abhishek Sharma)

Forsyth Trail - Satpura National Park

An adventure expedition to Satpura's Forsyth trail will take you into the wilderness of the stunning forest where Captain James Forsyth took the path 150 years ago to discover Pachmarhi. The 30 km trek is beautiful and filled with surreal views of nature. You can meet the indigenous tribe 'Bharias' to know their enchanting stories about the jungle and have a fun interaction with their desi lifestyle. You will be accompanied by a trained naturalist who will help you spot various birds which you would not easily find elsewhere. You can also have a camping experience alongside the serene Denwa backwaters providing an unforgettable experience. 

Starting point: Matkuli 

End Point: Matkuli

Forest area: Satpura Buffer Zone

Length: 30 km

Best Season: July to Feb 

Operators: Pugdundee safaris, Reni Pani, Satpura Adventure Club, MP Eco-Tourism Board, Thrillophilia

Chidikho Narsinghgarh

Situated about 90 km from the capital of Bhopal is the mini Kashmir of Madhya Pradesh. Chidikho is a beautiful lake located in the middle of Narsinghgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. Your trek will start from the Mahadev temple and you will get the opportunity to walk alongside the river where the landscape is very rugged and fun to do trekking on. When you get tired, pause your trek for a while and enjoy home-cooked delicacies amidst the surreal environs. Dip your legs in the water and enjoy the chirping calls of birds before you move for the trek. After such a divine experience, you head to the exit point through the forest route where you might end up meeting some little members of the animal kingdom.

Start & end point: Mahadev Temple

End Point: Narsinghgarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Length: 7 km

Best Season:  Sept to March

Operators: Aakash Solanki

Patalpani Trek

Enclosed by natural settings, rising hills, and clear skies, Patalpani is a popular picnic spot near Indore perfect to unwind in the lap of nature. The area is famous for the waterfall which cascades from 300 feet and produces a beautiful scene of nature with the gush of water flows down. The 12 km trek in the jungle will involve experiences like birdwatching, nature trail, Patalpani waterfall visit. Once you visit this wonder of nature, all your tiredness fades away when you glare at the visual delight and enjoy the mist that it produces from the powerful pouring.

Start & end point: Dhaval Giri

Length: 12 km

Area: Kalakund Forest

Best Season:  July to March

Operators: Mithlesh Singh (Forestgum)

Chidiya Bhadak Trek

Ditch your mundane routine and head to have a thrilling experience of hiking with the Chidiya Bhadak Trek which is around 60 km from Indore. Covered in the forest area, the walk is beautiful, especially when you reach the natural pool and waterfall. Rejuvenate amidst nature dotted with many small hills and forest areas. To all the wanderers who wish to explore the unexplored, Chidiya Bhadak Fall deserves to be on your bucket list. Adorned with lush foliage that surrounds it, the babbling stream of the fall creates such beautiful sight that is worth capturing, both, in your cameras and memories.

Start & end point: Choral Balwant Dhaba

Length: 12 km

Area: Choral range

Best Season:  July to Nov

Operators: Nilesh Kumar Rawat (Anjanai Adventure)