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Since breakfast is the very first meal of your day you should make it count. Rather one should never underestimate the power of a good breakfast! Right? So, whether you want a quick bite or enjoy a sumptuous breakfast without burning a hole in your pocket, then there's something to suit everyone in Bhopal- the city of lakes.

Just wake up and shake up your routine by checking out these pocket-friendly breakfast spots and you are guaranteed to have a memorable experience. 

Milan Sweets & Namkeen, MP Nagar

While you get to see the dominance of Poha Jalebi in Madhya Pradesh when we speak about breakfast snacks to try on, one can certainly not do without trying 'Khaman'. At this breakfast joint, you can satisfy your hunger pangs with this mouth-watering snacks. Made from Besan, topped with fried chillies and mustard seed tadka and coriander leaves is something you must relish. It is a sweet and savory sponge which melts in mouth in no time. Also, if you observe upvas (fasting) in a week then the very delicious 'Sabudana Khichdi' from Milan comes to your rescue. You can certainly have it at a pocket-friendly price and yes, don't forget to ask for extra chips as topping on it! 

  • Breakfast for 2- Within Rs 50- Rs 75
  • Breakfast Time- 8.30- 11 am
  • Other try on-  Poha Jalebi, Kachori, Samosa, Bhel Poori 

Manohar Dairy & Restaurant, MP Nagar 

From Dahi Vada to fried/Idli dhokla, from Veg Pakoda to Paneer roll and much more... You just name it and you can have it in your breakfast at Manohar. If you are planning a breakfast visit at this joint, then you will certainly be left spoilt for choice here. No matter what you order, your breakfast will remain incomplete without giving a try to their very famous 'Matar Kachori'. Delicious to the core, it has a perfectly crisp, flaky texture with very flavourful green peas stuffing inside.  

  • Breakfast for 2- Within Rs 100 
  • Breakfast Time- 8- 11 am
  • Other try on- Khandvi, Aloo Patties, Sandwich Samosa, Veg Cutlet 

Vyanjan, Shakti Nagar Complex 

Offering a plethora of breakfast options, Vyanjan is yet another joint where one can always see Poha lovers. One of the most salable breakfast options here is undoubtedly Poha. Fresh, hot, light and mildly spiced, 'Poha' is garnished with a generous helping of crispy sev and also served with oh- so- yummy Jalebis making it an amazing combination to say the least. Jalebis are served hot, crispy and prepared fresh. It melts perfectly in your mouth and tastes good so much that it leaves you wanting for more. 

  • Breakfast for 2- Within Rs 100
  • Breakfast Time- 7-10 am
  • Other try on- Idli, dosa, Munchurian, Vada Sambhar, Noodles 

Raju Tea Stall, Sultania road 

One of the most iconic joints in Bhopal, Raju Tea Stall is most frequented by Chai (Tea) lovers. But don't worry, you won't be disappointed if your hunger pangs desire for more than just tea in the morning! The joint also satisfies your cravings for piping hot, freshly prepared, crispy 'Palak Pakoda' (Spinach fritters) which goes well with the very tempting Green Chutney. Localites also love to team these with the special tea served here which is prepared without adding water. You can also give a try to the yummy 'Bread Pakoda'. The snack will certainly leave your tummy wanting for more.  

  • Breakfast for 2- Within Rs 100
  • Breakfast Time- 7.30- 10 am 
  • Other try Ons- Mawa Jalebi, Poha, Mungode, Chilli Pakoda    

Anand Namkeen

While Samosa and Kachori have made their way in every nook and cranny of Bhopal and almost every plate at the breakfast table is unimaginable without these, Anand Namkeen is the joint you should visit when craving especially for these 2 in your breakfast. Even the slightest thought of the aroma of crispy Kachori dipped in Tamarind Chutney served with a piping hot cup of tea is so soothing! You can head for this heavenly experience at Anand Namkeen which serves the best 'Dal Kachori'. What is even more interesting is that you can get your Kachori topped with raw crushed onions, sev, and spicy green chutney. 

  • Breakfast for 2- Rs 50- Rs70 
  • Breakfast Time- 10am onwards
  • Other try on- Dhokla, Aloo Matar & Palak Paneer Patties, Samosa

*The time mentioned for each joint is only to indicate breakfast hours. These joints remain open till late at night.