Tigress on the Trail


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Every journey starts with a promising road and an interesting idea of travelling. Madhya Pradesh offers a memorable experience at every step for the nomads coming from different walks of life. From National Parks, Tiger Reserves to historical sights, modern stay options to staying rooted with the tribal communities, every day is a different level of adventure here. To establish Madhya Pradesh as an adventure and women-traveller friendly state, we have come up with "Tigress on the Trail", an event which will witness a fleet of 15 bikers riding through the roads and covering 7 different destinations in 6 days in Madhya Pradesh. 

The all-women bike trip will cover approximately 1,500 kms and explore the route of Bhopal>>Madhai>>Pench>>Kanha>>Bandhavgarh>>Panna>>Khajuraho>>Bhopal. Their unique journey will kick start from Bhopal (19th Nov - 25th Nov) towards Madai, with the goal to cover national parks, along with other amazing destinations, each offering a glimpse into the natural & cultural diversity of Madhya Pradesh. The tigresses will get to indulge in a plethora of adventure rejuvenating activities including boat and jeep safaris, night safaris at the national parks. From Madai, the real adventure will unfold as the riders will get to explore the jungles of Pench to experience the land of Mowgli. Then the tour will take them to Kanha National park for a tiger safari, and then to Bandhavgarh for another tiger safari experience. On the last leg of the voyage, they will ride to Panna National Park, from where they will head to Khajuraho and bring the ultimate experience to an end.

On their 6-days of expedition, they would also get an opportunity to experience the rural and tribal culture of the state by visiting tribal communities and interacting with them. A visit to Pachdhar Pottery Village, a walk with Pardhi community, delightful folk performances, ancient temple visits, will provide them a holistic experience of Madhya Pradesh. 

The trip would end on Day Six in Bhopal after a morning visit at the Khajuraho Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.