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Shining like a gem in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh, the historic city of Ujjain is remarkably situated on the banks of holy Shipra River. It is home to one of the twelve Jyotirlingas known as Mahakaleshwar, also popularly referred to as Mahakal. Considered the reigning deity of time, Lord Shiva is widely worshipped by devotees in the town. This is the reason why Ujjain is thronged by followers throughout the year.

What is Ujjain famous for, beyond Mahakaleshwar Jyothirlinga?

There is not just one place but plenty of offerings from pilgrimage sites to heritage, ancient crafts to food which a traveller can explore. Ujjain truly has endless travelling options if you want to travel and add a variety of things to your itinerary.

Comb making

The intricate designs and remedial advantages of a wooden comb were once used to be the driving factors behind the purchase. With the growing plastic market, it has become hard to find wooden combs that provide good sustenance to hair. But Ujjain has kept the art of wooden comb making alive! The kangi mohalla in town used to be the hub of comb makers however today, there is only Thedalal Banjara left who is preserving this art by creating beautiful combs out of sheesham wood. From duck shape to peacock, he tries to give each of his art piece a different design. According to him, the wooden comb has its own importance. It improves blood circulation and stops hair fall. Not just this, one can pour in some oil and enjoy head massage too. If you are visiting Ujjain anytime soon, do not forget to pay a visit to Thedalal Banjara's workshop and do bring some pieces to gift and keep as a souvenir.

Ujjaini Sev

This crispy and spicy snack is from Ujjain and popularly called Ujjaini Sev. If you are a true foodie, don't miss out on tasting the famous 'Ujjaini Sev'. It is best savoured with poha, samosa, kachori, and also with the main course. You can find different flavours of Ujjaini namkeen at every nook and corner of Ujjain but if you are running out of time and want to try from some famous shops then do stop by Jain Namkeem, Shree Mishthan Bhandar, and Shree Ganga.

Sound & Light show at Kothi Palace

Planning to tour and discover the regal past of Ujjain? Visit the historic Kothi Palace which is more than 100 years old to witness the majestic history of ancient Ujjain through the Sound & Light Show in the evening. Built by the Scindhias, the palace is adorned with Maratha architecture and is totally a worth visit.

The ancient art of Batik printing

Located just a few kilometres from the magnificent Ujjain, the tiny village of Bherugarh is the focal point of Batik printing. It's an age-old art of wax-resist dyeing and printing on fabric which dates back to around 2000 years. The craft has been existing in Madhya Pradesh since the rule of Mughal times and is still as fresh and vibrant as the olden days. There are many traditional and modern techniques which the printers are using to give this art a much required fame and support. The beauty of the printing lies mainly in its unique technique which gives the fabric a subtle cracked effect after dying in beautiful hues. Artisans make beautiful bed sheets, sarees and dress materials which you can bring home and gift them to your loved ones!

Other historical monuments in Ujjain

With the rich history that Ujjain has, there are countless heritage sites to explore. Some of the popular historical sites in Ujjain that you must visit are Rumi ka Makbara, Madho Rao ki Chhattri, Durgadass ki Chhattri, Bhartrihari Caves, Ved Shala, etc.

Ujjain is not just about the Mahakal temple, it is surely blessed with so many jewels to discover. Visit the city and explore a different Ujjain all by yourself.