Discover the art of Bamboo Basketry & Weaving Styles!


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The bamboo craft of Madhya Pradesh is a reflection of its raw tribal lifestyle, and continues to serve purposes both functional as well as ornamental. Profusely available in the southern regions of the state - Shahdol, Balaghat, Mandla and Seoni, Bamboo is used to craft products ranging from hunting tools to a wide variety of baskets. The tribal communities of Madhya Pradesh are known to be the best in this craft, combining inherited expertise with modern designs.

The traditional basket weavers from Turi tribe in Betul district, weave nearly 50 different kinds of exquisite baskets. All these are used for daily chores, ceremonies and festivals. Good quality fibres including varieties of grasses, palms, bamboos and canes are used in intertwining intricate and beautiful patterns in the product. The two most common weaving techniques are the coiled and wicker style. They make utility items such as baskets, trays, bird cages and sell them in weekly haats in villages. The craft is not only limited to haats and markets of cities but now popular worldwide as a subtle decorative craft. Furniture items like chair, table and stools crafted out of bamboos in wicker style have found a new place in big furniture giants like, Ikea, Zara home etc.

If you are an ardent traveller, then you've have got another reason to visit and explore Madhya Pradesh. Meet the craftsmen in person in cities like Bhopal's timber market, Betul's souk and craft bazaar across the state to witness how they adorn the bamboo craft by inducing beautiful techniques. It is recommended that you buy a souvenirs from here for family and friends!