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Patalkot - A Tourist Destination in Madhya Pradesh

Imagine feeling the morning breeze with views of the green basin or watching the sun setting in the depths of Earth. Sounds calming! Isn't it? It's an everyday joy that you can experience in Patalkot. Situated in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, Patalkot is 23 km from Tamia.

Patalkot is engulfed with dense forest and is surrounded by ascended granite walls and sandstone rock. It's a fascinating world of natural treasures and you can have the best time of your life on your visit to this valley. Dense and deep, Patalkot looks like a horseshoe when viewed from the top.

Things to do in Patalkot ?

Patalkot - Tamia valley has so much for its visitors. But to help you preparing your itinerary, here's a list of things you can do in Patalkot :

1. Satpura Adventure Sports Festival*

An yearly festival called "Satpura Adventure Sports Festival" is organised in the month of October. You can take a thrilling experience of adventure activities like parasailing, paragliding, rock climbing, trekking, bird watching and water sports.

(Please note that adventure sports activities are anticipated to resume post Covid.)

2. Hiking, Trekking & Camping

Hiking and trekking in Patalkot will surely rejuvenate your body and mind. How about enjoying riverside trekking, camping & river rafting at Doodhi river or walking on the pugdundee through the narrow mountain path that leads you to a dense mango grove. The trail showcases the hidden attractions of Patalkot are Raja Kho and Zingaria Waterfall as well. 

3. Tamia - Patalkot Darshan*

Tamia - Patalkot darshan will give you an overall tour of the place and its people. An initiative by Motel Tamia & Tribescape, gives a closer look of tribal life to the tourists from urban neighbourhoods. The USP of Tamia - Patalkot darshan is 'Tribal interaction' & 'Patalkot ki rasoi', a tribal food feast.  What can be more fun to talk over tribal food cooked by the tribals from farm-fresh vegetables. Hilltop breakfast and high - tea at sun set point will also give you sights to behold.

4. Meet the 'Medicine Men'

A treasure trove of rich flora, Patalkot is habitat to tribal communities of Gond and Bharias who are skilled in making herbal medicine out of pulps and extracts from forest plants. 'The medicine men' selling these natural remedies to the visitors is a common scene in Patalkot. If not buying you can still spend some time learning about the medicinal plants and their usage.

5. Know the Chhind Art and The Artisans

Chhind art or Khajoor art is making handicraft with leaves of chhind (wild dates). Artefacts are also made from wood and bamboo. The artisan communities, Bharias make beautiful products that have utility as well as aesthetic value. You can shop jewellery, home decor, and daily needs such as brooms & baskets or several other handicrafts as a souvenir from Patalkot.

Accommodation in Tamia - Patalkot?

Here are some resorts and hotels in Tamia, you can check for a comfortable stay.

  • Serendipity Lakes & Resorts - Tamia, (Chhindwara district) Madhya Pradesh. www.serendipitytamia.com
  • Wild Valley Resort - Block Colony, Near PWD and Forest Rest House, Tamia, (Chhindwara district), Madhya Pradesh https://www.wildvalleyresort.com/
  • Motel Tamia - Bijori, Nagpur - Pachmarhi Highway, Tamia, (Chhindwara district), Madhya Pradesh https://moteltamia.com/

For activities related inquiry contact  Mr. Pawan Shrivastava (Tribescape) +91 94251 47159

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