The Ultimate Gurudakshina


Destinations :: Ujjain


The Sandipani Ashram in Ujjain is known to be the place where Lord Krishna, Balram and Sudama received their education from Guru Sandipani. Lord Krishna learned sixty-four arts in sixty-four days. There is a legendary story of Lord Krishna’s Gurudakshina to Guru Sandipani and Gurumata.

After being offered Gurudakshina, Gurumata asked Lord Krishna to get her son back, who had died due to drowning. Not one to back off from an improbable feat, Lord Krishna vowed to fulfil her wish. He fought the sea monster Shankasur and ripped his belly apart to find the seashell, ‘Panchjanya’. He then went to Yamraj, to ask for Gurumata’s son. Lord Krishna managed to get him and took him back to Gurumata and Guru Sandipani, who were overwhelmed by this Gurudakshina.