The tale of a tail


Destinations :: Chitrakoot


Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the Hanuman Dhara Temple has a wonderful fable that dates back to the mythological era. Legend has it that after the successful conquest and victory in Lanka, Lord Hanuman was facing a few hardships. Setting Lanka on fire had a toll on Lord Hanuman's tail in the form of injury burns. So he requested for a permanent residing place in Lord Ram's kingdom, to settle in, where the burns would be cured.

Eager to solve his ailment, Lord Ram pierced the tip of a mountain with his arrow. From this, out flowed a stream of water. Lord Ram then asked Lord Hanuman to rest at this spot, with the water falling on his tail to cool down the burning sensations.

This beautiful fable is what has led to the astonishing view of cascading streams of water falling down on a very rare deity of Lord Hanuman, today. It is a landmark site in Chitrakoot and offers a delightful and enthralling experience to those who visit it.