The palace that became a temple!


Destinations :: Orchha


The queen of Orchha was an ardent devotee of Lord Ram. She once went on a pilgrimage to Ayodhya, with a desire to bring her revered deity back in the form of a boy.

Lord Ram was pleased with her prayers, and agreed to come to Orchha. But he set forth a condition - he would not move from one temple to another, but will stay where she would initially house him. So moved was the king of Orchha on seeing Lord Ram as a child that he ordered for a temple to be built for him. All this while Lord Ram was worshipped by the queen in her palace. When the temple was eventually ready, Lord Ram refused to move because of the condition he had set the queen!

The queen's palace eventually became the Ram Raja Temple. Here, Lord Ram is worshipped not just as a God, but also as a king. He even gets a gun salute!

The Ram Raja Temple sees thousands of devotees queue up for darshan on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami.