The Gypsy Life In Madhya Pradesh


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Driving through breath-taking scenery, living life on the go and stopping wherever the heart wants - there is nothing quite like traveling in a caravan. The perfect combination of the comfort of home and the unpredictability of a road trip, traveling in a caravan entices you to slow down, to carve out your own travel paths and take detours, to truly immerse in your journey. Caravan travel, quite popular in the West, is now an emerging concept in India because of the flexibility and freedom it provides. 

The central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh became the first in the country to introduce this revolutionary travel trend to those who want to explore its natural and cultural richness. There is a variety of caravan tours, crafted by Madhya Pradesh tourism to cater to different kinds of travellers, which take you through havens of heritage, trails of tribal hamlets, paths of pilgrims and territories of tigers. There are few things more rewarding than exploring the rich diversity of the heart of India from the comfort of this home-on-wheels. 

With two bedrooms, one of which doubles up as a lounge with a TV in it, a kitchenette with an oven, a cooking range and a fridge, air conditioning, hot and cold water and a chair and table set up with a barbecue grill for impromptu picnics at scenic locations, the caravans provided by Madhya Pradesh tourism offer the kind of luxury that makes your trip both, relaxing and exciting. These caravans are perfect for solo trips as well as vacations with friends or family. 

In these troubled times when the world has found itself in the grip of a pandemic, the luxury and privacy offered by these motorhomes, completely equipped with all modern-day amenities, allows people to travel in a safer and better way. Combine this with the chance to lose yourself in the romance of old palaces, the bustle of night markets in the cities and the quiet of forests filled with anticipation, and what you have is a vacation on wheels straight out of a true-blue travel junkie's dream. 

Inspired by this initiative, Travelxp designed a brand-new show called "The Gypsies", revolving around two adventurous girls, Benafsha and Krisann, who travelled together for over a month and explored the "van-life" in Madhya Pradesh. Each day was an adventure and every night felt like a homecoming. As they had a barbecue amidst the imperial ruins of Mandu, stumbled onto secret caves and waterfalls in the hills of Panchmarhi, and camped at a beautiful site that cannot be found on the map while they were on their way from Bhedaghat to Bandhavgarh, the two of them realized that caravanning through Madhya Pradesh was one of the best ways of uncovering its many treasures. 

To find out about the hidden gems they discovered, the stories they unravelled in different places across the state and the flavours they relished along the way, watch their epic road trip in "The Gypsies" on Travelxp. 

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