Kanha National Park- Enjoy this sumptuous Thali when you Plan a Trip into the Wilderness


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Gond Thali at Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh

Some national parks are famous for more than their natural beauty and wildlife adventures. Can you guess the other factor that adds on to your trip and you come back with an experience of its kind? Well, it is the long-standing food tradition inspired by the tribal culture. If you are a foodie at heart and love to try dishes that are unique to the region, then you must definitely try out 'Gond Thali' served at Pugdundee Safaris in Kanha National Park for the past seven years. The tourists should look forward to trying out this freshly cooked Thali which serves a menu consumed by the Gond people. 

The dishes served are organic and the menu majorly consists of the food that is a blend of grains and pulses. Their unique cooking preparations also reflect balance and authenticity in the food habits. 

The highlights of the thali are  

Pan Bada

This dish is prepared with the key ingredient- Black urad dal Black Gram which is soaked overnight. To further prepare the batter, the soaked dal is mixed with ginger, garlic, salt, green chillies finely grinded in a mixer or on a silbatta grinding stone.  The batter is then deep fried in a frying pan to prepare the mouth watering fritters. 

Kulthi Dal- Horse Gram 

It is a horse gram lentil stew or curry which is deep brown in color with tons of health benefits. This dal is highly effective in curing kidney stones. Served preferably with rice, this tempting dal remains much in demand. This lentil is slow cooked for some time in order to develop the flavour which further teases our senses with the alluring aroma of it. The cherry on the cake while preparing this Dal is definitely the Tadka tempering with dollops of ghee, cumin and herbs. 

Barmarakas ki Chakri- Colocasia Leaves- Arbi ke Patte 

Prepared with Arbi ke Patte Colocasia leaves, this dish turns into deep fried crispy, delicious fritters. The leaves are washed thoroughly and dried. In a bowl, chickpea flour, salt, chilli powder, coriander powder and ginger garlic paste is added which is further mixed to little water in order to make a paste. The batter is generously spread on the leaves. The leaves are then steamed which turns the batter non sticky. The steamed leaves are then cut into small pieces and further deep fried till crisp and brown. Sprinkled with chaat Masala and served with mouth watering Chutney, this dish is a must have to satisfy the hunger pangs.  

Kicad Roti 

Kicad Roti is yet another highlight of this thali mainly because of its unique preparation. The dough is given a circular shape with the help of fingers. The preparation begins with the mixing of wheat flour with water, salt, ghee or butter to make a soft dough and later small balls are prepared with the dough. Camel foot leaves are used in order to enhance the flavor of the roti. These leaves are washed, dried and covered in ghee or oil, whereas the dough is placed in between the two leaves. 

This preparation is then placed on cow dung cakes to cook the roti on low heat. The burnt leaf covering is removed and Roti is ready to be served hot. 

Bhedra Chutney

Made out of organic tomatoes, garlic, coriander leaves, green chillies, jeera powder this Chutney is tempting enough to leave you wanting for more. After fine grinding, this mixture is put in a pan to fry.