Places to Explore for Solo Female Travellers in Madhya Pradesh


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Solo Female Travellers in Madhya Pradesh

Are you an independent girl/woman who loves to travel solo and explore places? Are you someone who is a free-spirited soul whose passion to travel doesn't get hampered even in the absence of any companion? If this relates to you then Madhya Pradesh has a treat in store for you! This vibrant state offers you destinations where traveling alone is not just comfortable but you also get to taste freedom, independence, and fun. So, we got in touch with few solo female travelers who have explored various belts in the Heart Of India on their own without fear. 

Chittra M, travel blogger at "Masala Box Travels" shared her solo travelling experiences to Khajuraho & Orchha and found these destinations to be extremely peaceful and easy to commute. "For those who enjoy a blend of history teamed with the pure joy of getting close to the picturesque views must-visit Orchha and Khajuraho. These destinations allow you to enjoy hassle-free sightseeing and you experience a welcoming break by well-cultured people around. Also, for sightseeing, you can either board an auto which will conveniently drop you at various points of interest or you can also opt to walk since the majority of the monuments are all in the close proximity." 

Chittra also comes with an amazing tip for females who travel solo often. "Plan enough in advance so that you feel confident but also ensure that you have enough space for spontaneity" 

Going forward, Bhopal and Sanchi also find a special mention when it comes to solo female travelling. The reason was well explained by Malini Gowrishankar, Founder and CEO of F5 Escapes, specializing in women travelling. "Though I have had this good fortune of exploring several places in Madhya Pradesh, the very recent trip to Bhopal and Sanchi was special. Bhopal attracts tourists for its clean, green environment teamed with a warm hospitality by the people you come across and on the other hand Sanchi is calm, peaceful, beautiful & extremely safe place to visit. I instantly fell in love with these places. Commuting to Bhopal and Sanchi is also hassle free as Bhopal is well connected by air, road and rail whereas Sanchi is just an hour or so from Bhopal. So, a road trip to Sanchi is pretty much enjoyable and safe too." Gowrishankar added. 

On the other hand, those solo female travellers who have the zeal to explore the offbeat destinations then Morena district has a lot to offer. This whole new experience of exploring this belt on her own was taken up by Pradnya Kulkarni, a solo female traveler who explored Morena for at least a week visiting Mitaoli, Padawali and temples like Chausath Yogini and Kakanmath temple in Sihoniya village which is about 11kms from Chausath Yogini.

She shared, "Offbeat places fascinate me the most and hence I chose to explore points of interest in Morena district. I had planned a week's itinerary and it turned out really well for me. One gets to see a lot of architecture, history, and culture of a bygone era.

"Also, my trip to these destinations was way more than comfortable for a reason that the locals everywhere were open for random discussions, very helpful in terms of giving correct directions and language was of course not a problem since everyone spoke Hindi. Especially exploring Kakanmath Temple which is in the remotest location was an adventure in itself. But there was no discomfort to reach the temple as the locals around were tourist-friendly."

These ladies dared to explore places in Madhya Pradesh even in the remotest locations without any fear. So,  if you have not been to the Heart of Incredible India yet we hope that you will soon plan a trip to this undoubtedly beautiful state and enjoy your trip. Happy traveling!