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Sanchi Buddha Jambudweep Park

Buddhism is one of the greatest philosophies that emerged in India and changed the course of history forever. Today, it's considered the fourth largest religion in the world and is synonymous with various spiritual practices such as Meditation, Mindfulness, and Zen. The fact that Buddha attained enlightenment and spent most of his life in different parts of India means there are several important tourist attractions to travel. One such site is the UNESCO approved Stupas in Sanchi! The town has recently added another point of interest that is a Buddhist theme park. Visit here to gain a valuable understanding of the Buddhist values and lessons.

Situated in the same town as the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sanchi Stupas, Buddha Jambudweep is a 17-acre theme park situated in front of the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) Sanchi Museum. It is developed on the life and preaching of Gautam Buddha and Emperor Ashoka. The site has been inaugurated recently and is soon going to be a must-visit tourist attraction as it's located at a walking distance from the enormous stupas.

The park draws its inspiration from Buddhist philosophy and teachings of Buddha. It has pavilions inside the complex that imparts the audience about four noble truths of Buddhism i.e. Suffering (Dukh), Origin of suffering (Samudaya), Cessation of suffering (Nirodha), and Path to the cessation of suffering (Magga). 

When you enter the park, you are welcomed by a garden aligned with various recreational activities. There is 'Jataka Vana' which has a maze where you can solve jigsaw puzzles, enrich your knowledge about Buddhist ideologies and read stories on Buddhism at every step. There is a museum that has digital puzzle games and different paintings that throws light on how stupas were constructed from scratch. Sign off your beautiful day in Sanchi with the spellbinding sound & light show that will traverse you to the glorious journey of Gautam Buddha in Sanchi.

Visit Sanchi and get an immersive experience!