Flavors and Taste- All in Rewa's Maharaja Royal Vegetarian Thali


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One of the best ways to explore any regional cuisine is to enjoy a Thali. It is a wholesome meal that packs an assortment of food items in one platter. Each regional Thali takes you on a gastronomic journey and you eat to your heart's content also understanding the cuisine culture of the particular region. In a state like Madhya Pradesh when you move from region to region, you get to taste an array of cuisines to satisfy your cravings. However, Thali represents the local culture of any region in one of the best means and it is a complete meal in itself.


When in Madhya Pradesh, one of the mouth-watering Thalis you must taste is Maharaja Royal Thali in Rewa, the northeastern part of Madhya Pradesh. It is an absolute delight to taste a little bit of everything that is served on this platter.

The exquisite spread of preparations on this platter will leave you confused about what to taste first. With each delicacy served on this platter and every single bite you gulp, you will be left wanting for more.

A traditional vegetarian Maharaja Royal Thali from Rewa is a perfect representation of gourmet preparations on a plate of epic proportions. The meticulous arrangement of starters, soup, pickles, main course, and desserts doesn't just tempt but delight one and all.


The royal platter includes;



1. Shahi Kathal Kabab- Kathal known as Jackfruit is boiled in spices & then chopped to make delicious, lip-smacking Kebabs.


2. Kamal Kakadi Kebab- It is made from lotus stems, then boiled & added to light spices.


3. Dahidaar lehesunian Kebab- an ancient dish carrying the legacy of Older Maughal & Suri who were friends of Baghels in Bandhavgarh.

Main course


1. Indrahar kadhi- This is served with rice and fried onion sprinkled upon it. A combination of 5 lentils, soaked overnight & finely grinded on the stone is what leads to the making of Indrahar. The mixture is further blended with tempered spices and then steamed & fried. 


2. Chane ki bhaji with berry ki roti- this is a gluten-free dish contemporary to Sarson da saag and Makke di Roti.


3.Kathal maslaha (jackfruit) made in mutton style  nicely spiced (served with lahori naan & berry roti)


4. Masoor ki Dal. Masoor dal clocked in "Mitti ka Bartan" which means a clay pot with garlic that is added after carefully washing the Dal. Later cooked, adding ghee, clove, etc., thus making it very tasty.


5. Sufiyaani Rice

It is an extremely tasty Bagheli dish prepared with rice adding saunf and then nicely cooked with Cloves & pepper.




1. Gajar ka halwa- Carrot pudding made out of grated carrot, milk, sugar, ghee and dry fruits tastes yummy when served piping hot. 


2. Khurchan. A pure milk dish richly steered to become thick then layered.