The Abode of White Tigers Adorned by History


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White Tigers - Rewa | Madhya Pradesh Tourism

Waterfalls of dizzying heights, rare and beautiful white tigers, towering forts, majestic palaces and ancient temples are just few of the sights that adorn a town in the north west of Madhya Pradesh. That town is Rewa, which is another name for river Narmada.

The gifts given by Mother Nature herself

Rewa and its surroundings echo with the melodies of several waterfalls like the Keoti falls, Purva falls and the 142m high Bahuti falls to name a few. What adds to this natural beauty is the white tiger safari at the vast Mukundpur Zoo, situated in District Satna, the only one in the world.


It was Maharaja Martand Singhji, the former ruler of Rewa, who introduced white tigers to the place. While on a hunting expedition, he spotted a white tiger cub. After a long chase, the king and his men managed to capture the cub. Mohan, as Maharaja called it fondly, was given an open courtyard to play in the king's 150-room palace. With time, white tigers grew in numbers bringing Rewa & Satna the popularity it deserved. 


No doubt, this town is a favourite with nature lovers. But that's not all. Rewa is a filled-to-the-brim treasure chest of rich history.


Where the rich history still breathes

Rewa is dotted with palaces, forts, temples and museums still standing strong, showcasing the prosperity of the past. Each monument is carved with legends and tales.