Explore the Ramayan Circuit in Madhya Pradesh


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Brimming with history, architecture, heritage, Wildlife, Madhya Pradesh is a destination where you get to explore vivid traveling experiences. On the spiritual front too, the heart of Incredible India has much to offer. The state houses some of the most magnificent pilgrim spots offering you the much-needed respite from the chaotic life. So, this Diwali, plan a trip to Madhya Pradesh and explore the holy lands like Chitrakoot and Orchha, the destinations that speak volumes about Lord Rama's association with these pious lands.   

While exploring the circuit you will come across fascinating historical tales too that well describe the respective destinations. The mythological connections with respect to Lord Ram are intriguing and you will be fascinated to see the Diwali celebrations too. 

Read on to know what makes Chitrakoot and Orchha's Ram Raja Temple the most talked-about destinations when it comes to the mythological connection of Lord Rama in Madhya Pradesh.   


Chitrakoot means the place of many wonders and the quaint town enjoys a spiritual legacy. Ramayan describes the birth, marriage, exile, and return of the prince of Ayodhya; Lord Ram. He was banished and sent on an exile period wherein he spent some of his years with his wife Sita and brother Laxman in the forests of Chitrakoot. Dominating the landscape is a forested hill, believed to have been the same spot where Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman took refuge. 

Ram Raja Temple, Orchha

Ram Raja Temple was once originally the palace of King Madhukar Shah's wife Queen Ganeshkuwari. According to a legend, the queen was a follower of Lord Ram following which she visited Ayodhya to get an idol of Lord Rama while also sanctioning the construction of Chaturbhuj temple to install the idol. While the construction of the latter was underway, the queen kept the idol of Lord Ram in her palace. However, when the time came to shift the idol in the temple it was found to be immovable following which the palace itself was turned into a temple. 

Also, Ram Raja Temple holds a special significance in the history of Orchha as a matter of fact that it is said to have been the only temple where Lord Rama is worshipped as King and offered gun salutes. 

Come, visit Madhya Pradesh and explore the divine land like Chitrakoot and Ram Raja Temple in Orchha this Diwali and make the most of this festival here.