The Tragic Love Story of Rani Roopmati and Sultan Baz Bahadur


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Sultan Baz Bahadur was the last independent ruler of Mandu. Once when he was on a hunting trip, he chanced upon a shepherdess frolicking and singing with her friends. Baz Bahadur who loved music was immediately smitten by the singer's beauty and her melodious voice. He begged Roopmati to accompany him to his capital. Roopmati agreed to go to Mandu on the condition that she would live in a palace within sight of her beloved river Narmada. Thus was built the RewaKund at Mandu.

Tragically, the romance between the sultan and the shepherdess was doomed. The great Mughal Akbar decided to invade Mandu and sent Adham Khan to capture Mandu. Baz Bahadur who challenged him with his small army was no match for the great Mughal army. Mandu fell easily. Adham Khan cast his eye on the beautiful Rani Roopmati. Sensing her fate, Roopmati poisoned herself and avoided capture, thus ending this magical love story that inspired poetry and folklore.

Fact or fiction, the legend lives on!